Why The Compression Closet?

WHY THE COMPRESSION CLOSET?Why The Compression Closet?

I recently had the privilege to participate in an educational workshop by Lymphedema Seminars. This organization provides continuing education seminars for lymphedema therapists. I’ve worked with Karen Ashforth, a lymphedema therapist for several years, who was one of the presenters. Part of her presentation included companies and why she worked with them. I’m happy to report The Compression Closet was listed as one of those companies. Karen shared why she chose The Compression Closet and what set us apart from other companies. I want to share some of her thoughts with you, if I may.


“The Compression Closet is cost-effective,” Karen stated. However, because lymphedema is a chronic condition and garments need to be replaced continually, this can become costly. Therefore, The Compression Closet strives to keep the prices low while providing the best compression garments. We also work with customers, providing payment plans and deferred payments as needed.

Lymphedema and Body ImageRETURN POLICY

Karen also felt we had one of the best return/exchange policies on the market. “The Compression Closet is very easy to reach when there is a problem. I don’t have to go through several customer service reps to get an answer,” Karen said. We at The Compression Closet understand that lymphedema is not a one size fits all kind of condition. Therefore, we may have to go through a handful of exchanges and returns to get you the best garment for your needs. That is why we have a full 30-day return policy from the delivery date. We also provide a shipping label for you to return your garment, so there is no additional cost. We want you in the correct garment! The garment that gives you the most effective compression therapy for your condition and your lifestyle.


“I appreciate your background and knowledge of products as a fitter. It helps when patients (or therapists) need to problem solve about garments,” Ashforth said. “I trust your judgment and recommendations to my patients. They all love working with you, too.” I have worked with lymphedema therapists and their patients for over a dozen years. So I do understand the challenges that can occur with fitting for lymphedema. Although I certainly don’t have all the answers, I have an extensive network of therapists and reps I can collaborate with to help develop solutions. Brainstorming and problem-solving are one of the skill sets I bring to this job.


Karen also said, “Your attitude – you are willing to go the extra mile and are never grumpy about returns or difficult patients. Furthermore, you’re available for my patients.” I genuinely desire to create meaningful personal relationships with my therapists and the patients they serve. I care, I listen, I consult, I exchange, I refund, and I work with you to provide solutions to the challenges of lymphedema. Because together we are stronger, together we can.


Karen also mentioned my desire to help therapists get those patients who cannot afford compression into garments as well. I have created a garment incentive program. When you refer ten patients to The Compression Closet, I give you a garment for 1/2 off. If you refer 20 patients to my website, you can provide one of your patients with a free garment. I also have some samples and returned garments in good condition that I can provide for those unable to afford compression. Working together, we can help get more people who genuinely need compression to obtain it.


In conclusion, Karen said, “You make my job easy because I trust your judgment and integrity. Your personal touch won me over and set your business apart from other vendors.”

I would very much like to be your go-to compression provider, as well. Through self-care and love, we can empower those living with lymphedema to achieve a better quality of life.

Improve the quality of your compression – improve the quality of your life. Compression made simple.

lymphedema/stronger together


Karen AshforthA little bit about Karen Ashforth

I’ve been an occupational therapist for 40 years, and nearly half of that I’ve spent specializing in rehabilitation and lymphedema treatment with cancer patients. I’m a researcher and educator and have given presentations at conferences worldwide. In addition, I teach in the doctoral physical therapy program at the University of the Pacific. As a board-certified lymphedema therapist, I have a hospital-based outpatient clinical practice in Stockton, California, and I see patients from all over the United States. This year I am decreasing my clinic work to expand my private telehealth treatment and consultation practice for all types of patients, including breast cancer, lipedema and lymphedema, and general wellness. I hold a master’s degree in energy medicine and love to weave Eastern and Western medicine together in all that I do.

Check out her website here to learn more about Karen and her work!

Disclaimer – This blog is for general information purposes only. Furthermore, the information contained in this blog is not a substitute for medical advice – always consult a licensed healthcare professional for advice on your specific condition.

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  • It is time to replace the compression garment for my left leg. I had gotten 2 different types from the CC before, and would like a new one that is the same as my right one. It is the one that opens flat and has six velcro closures. That style turns out to be easiest for me to use and adjust.

    • That would be the Solaris ReadyWrap SKU#21504.I’m glad this garment works well for you and that you are easily able to adjust it.

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