Summer is here and the weather is getting warmer. Are you looking for cool, comfortable compression for your upper body? Why not try the Wear Ease Slimmer Camisole? Not only does this garment provide good compression for your upper body, it’s also stylish, cool and comfortable. The Slimmer comes in a variety of colors, making it fun to wear alone as a camisole or for stylish layering.


Wear Ease Slimmer White
The Wear Ease Slimmer Camisole provides compression for underarm, back, chest and abdomen areas. This provides a nice alternative to a compression bra. The Slimmer provides immediate relief from swelling discomfort caused by breast lymphedema, edema or surgery. Therapists also recommend this compression garment for sleeping. Furthermore, the slimmer is a great option for travel and exercise

The Wear Ease Slimmer provides a snug fit for consistent and full torso compression. The A-line style won’t ride up. This garment is cut high in the front, underarms and back, providing better coverage. The Slimmer also has pockets if needed for prosthesis. The Slimmer comes in a regular length and also a shorter version for those of shorter stature.


The level of compression provided by the garment depends on individual fit. However, Wear Ease products are made to fit different shapes and sizes of torsos. Therefore, a snug and comfortable fit will result in a mild compression of 10-16 mmHg. Choose the smallest sizing you can fit comfortably into. This will give you a snug fit and good compression. Remember compression should always be snug and comfortable, never painful.

Lightweight and supportive, the Slimmer consists of 80% nylon and 20% Spandex. The garment is also moisture-wicking and seamless, providing the highest level of coolness and comfort. The Slimmer is perfect for your summer wardrobe to wear alone or layer under another garment.


The easiest and best way to don and doff any shape wear is to step into garments. Think of putting on your shapewear like you would put on a one piece bathing suit. First stretch the neckline and gather sides of the garment. Then step into the garment and slide up over your hips. Next, slip your arms into straps and your garment is on. When doffing, slip arms out of straps and then slide down over hips and off. Compression made simple!


Donning Wear Ease Slimmer
Wash garments everyday or every second day. In addition to cleaning the garment, washing allows the yarns to realign after being stretched during wear and maintain the best compression. Machine wash on gentle and cold. Do not use bleach or use fabric softener because it can break down the compression of the garment. Hang the Slimmer to dry or tumble dry on low. When caring for compression, think of washing fine lingerie using cold water, mild detergent and a garment bag.

Replace Wear Ease garments every three to six months, depending on wear, to ensure consistent compression levels. The garment should also be replaced in case of weight fluctuations.


At The Compression Closet, we are always looking for new ways to solve the problem of providing good compression for your different needs. The Slimmer has become one of our best sellers. It is a beautiful garment that provides comfortable and cool, yet stylish compression. Do you have any suggestions for staying cool and comfortable this summer in your compression garments? Why not share your secrets?


Disclaimer – This blog is for general information purposes only. Furthermore, information contained in this blog is not a substitute for medical advice – always consult a licensed healthcare professional for advice on your specific condition.



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