Pure Night Custom Compression Garments

The primary role of Pure Night compression garments for lymphedema is to maintain the reduced swelling achieved during the CDT (complete decongestive therapy). A custom-made compression garment is measured to the exact contour of your affected limb. Therefore, these garments provide effective management of your lymphedema. Using a consistent level of compression is crucial to avoid re-accumulation of fluid.

The correct nighttime compression garments and good self-management of your lymphedema can improve your condition, quality of life, and the ability for independent care.

With 14 years of experience designing and manufacturing garments for patients with lymphedema, its founders set out to craft a garment with trusted, validated compression. As industry experts with a proven history in compression therapy and garment quality, they are pioneering patient-centric solutions. Not only helping manage lymphedema but also improving the quality of your life. Streamlining the process, providing knowledgeable solutions, and walking with you when the going gets tough.

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Pure Night Lower extremity

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Pure Night Upper Extremity

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