Medi Custom Compression Garments

The primary role of compression garments for lymphedema is to maintain the reduction of the swelling achieved during the CDT (complete decongestive therapy). A Jobst custom compression garments are measured to the exact contour of your affected limb. Therefore, these garments provide effective management of your lymphedema. Using a consistent level of compression is crucial to avoid re-accumulation of fluid.

The correct compression garments, along with good self-management of your lymphedema, can improve your condition, quality of life, and the ability for independent care.

In many cases, the custom flat-knit stocking will work better for lymphedema. This is because there is less elasticity, and the flat knit forms a more stable barrier for the limb. The stiffer material provides pressure on the tissue to reduce swelling. As a result, the flat knit garment offers excellent therapeutic results. The density of the fabric is consistent throughout the garment, even with great differences in sizes and shapes. This stiffer fabric also better maintains the gaps in skin folds and prevents the cutting in, which sometimes occurs with circular knit.

To order your Jobst custom compression garments, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Download the required order form below
  2. Fill out all necessary measurements and features that are required
  3. Fax the completed form to 815 364 2781 or send an email to [email protected]
  4. When we receive the completed form, we will send you a quote for the cost of the garment and instructions on how to place your order

Mediven Custom Lower Extremity with The Compression Closet

Mediven Custom Lower Extremity

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