The Right Gradient Compression Stockings?

Am I wearing the correct compression stockings?NO FEDERAL GUIDELINES

Did you know there are no governmental guidelines for gradient compression stockings? Are you wearing quality gradient compression stockings? Anyone can put the word “compression” on a pair of socks? It’s essential to buy your compression stockings from a reputable company and brand. Purchasing the wrong compression garments can create more problems than they ever solve, especially when dealing with lymphedema.


Once when I was working for a Durable Medical Supply Company, I had a woman come in to purchase a pair of stockings. She had brought with her a garbage bag full of socks. She claimed she had paid over $200 for these compression stockings, but none worked. What she had was a bag full of garbage! In trying to save money by purchasing cheaper gradient compression stockings, she had a bag full of socks she could not wear. These cheap stockings caused her pain and even further problems with her condition. When I properly fit her in good quality compressions, she said, “Oh, these feel so good; I wish I had come to you in the first place.”

YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!Am I wearing the right compression stockings

Buying cheap compression stockings never saved anyone any money! Testing on some of these off-brand stockings has proven a lot of market discrepancies. For example, they have found socks with the compression levels reversed so that the compression would cause the fluid to move distally instead of proximally. They also found stockings that did not have graduated compression at all. Still, others were labeled with incorrect compression levels. Purchasing gradient compression stockings is like getting a prescription drug; you really don’t want to take chances with your healthcare that way.

Juzo, Jobst, Mediven, and Sigvaris all make quality stockings you can trust. Are you going to pay more for them? Yes, you most likely will! However, would you rather pay for a good-quality pair of stockings or $200 for a bag of garbage? As the adage goes, you get what you pay for! You wouldn’t buy your prescription drugs from the back of a Sunday newspaper magazine, would you? Then why would you purchase your medical-grade compression stockings there?


At The Compression Closet, we take the mystery out of buying your compression garments. We make it as simple and easy as possible to get the best compression for the best value. There are at least 70 different styles of knee-high compression stockings made by the major manufacturers. Juzo, Jobst, Mediven, and Sigvaris all make good stockings! One of our favorites for Edema and Lymphedema is the Juzo Dynamic stocking.


We believe the Juzo Dynamic stocking is one of the best circular knit compression stockings at the best value for lymphedema. We’ve tested and fit a lot of different compression garments for lymphedema over the years! We did the work so you wouldn’t have to go through all the trial and error to find a good compression stocking. Of course, that doesn’t mean other good socks are out there. However, we believe it is one of the best stockings for the best value, which is what The Compression Closet strives to provide for its customers.

THE CORRAm I wearing the right compression stockingsECT STOCKINGS!

Are you wearing the correct compression stocking? I hope so, and I hope they are working well for you! Nothing works better or feels as good as wearing a pair of quality compression stockings! Your health is too important! Don’t cheat yourself out of the quality compression you need. Self-care is essential. It is not selfish.

Do you have a compression stocking that has worked well for your edema or lymphedema? We constantly seek new products and the best solutions for our customers. Comment below if you have a product you would like to share.


Disclaimer – This blog is for general information purposes only. Furthermore, the information contained in this blog is not a substitute for medical advice – always consult a licensed healthcare professional for advice on your specific condition.

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