Juzo Compression Wrap Calf


Occasionally I will spotlight a product that I have found exceptionally outstanding. Today I would like to introduce you to the Juzo Compression Wrap Calf. Manufactured with care to detail and the excellent quality that you have come to expect from Juzo, this compression wrap garment provides therapy, comfort, versatility, and a superior fit. This Juzo wrap is a short stretch compression garment with high working pressure (30-60 mmHg), which helps to move lymphatic fluid out of the affected limb. Therefore this garment can be used in either the decongestion phase or the maintenance phase of lymphedema treatment. Continue reading

The Right Gradient Compression Stockings?

Am I wearing the correct compression stockings?NO FEDERAL GUIDELINES

Did you know there are no governmental guidelines for gradient compression stockings? Are you wearing quality gradient compression stockings? Anyone can put the word “compression” on a pair of socks? It’s essential to buy your compression stockings from a reputable company and brand. Purchasing the wrong compression garments can create more problems than they ever solve, especially when dealing with lymphedema. Continue reading