Simplifying Compression for Lymphedema



lymphedemaPurchasing compression garments can be very confusing and a bit overwhelming at times. Should you choose custom or over-the-counter stockings? How about a compression wrap garment or a nighttime garment? Different compression levels, different lengths, open toe, closed toe, silicone band, and umpteen different manufacturers to choose from. Too many choices, too confusing – does it really need to be? We don’t think so! We decided simplifying compression for lymphedema would be one of our priorities. Continue reading

Caring For Your Compression Stockings


Gradient compression stockings are expensive – and to get the best, most effective use out of them it is important to care for them properly. Caring for your compression stockings by wearing donning gloves is one of the first things you can do to protect your investment

These gloves not only help you get your compression stockings on and off, but they also help protect the stockings from jewelry and sharp fingernails. Continue reading

Are You Wearing The Right Compression Stockings?

Am I wearing the correct compression stockings?NO FEDERAL GUIDELINES

Did you know that there is no governmental guidelines for compression stockings! Anyone can put the word “compression” on a pair of stockings? It is extremely important that you are buying your compression stockings from a reputable company and a reputable brand. Purchasing the wrong compression garments can create more problems than they ever solve. Continue reading