Caring For Your Compression Stockings

CARING FOR YOUR STOCKINGSCaring for your compression stockings

PLEASE, wash your compression stockings! I have heard several stories of people not wanting to wash their compression stockings for fear that the garments will wear out faster. The opposite is true. Washing your compression stockings daily maximizes therapeutic effectiveness and prolongs the life of the stocking. This is because the oils and dirt in the skin cause the compression in the stocking to break down faster and be less effective.

I recommend hand washing your compression stockings in warm water with mild soap. Using soap specifically designed for compression stockings can prolong their effectiveness. Ensure you rinse all soap residue from the socks, then wrap your compression stockings in a clean towel and pat as much of the water out of them as possible. Lay flat to dry. Roll in a clean towel to get excess water out to dry faster. You may also want to put a fan on them to help speed up the process.

Some manufacturers do say that their stockings can be machine washed and dried. Treat your compression stockings like you would fine lingerie if you decide to go this route. Use the lowest permanent press settings and a garment bag. If you also choose the dryer, use the lowest possible temperature setting. Never use bleach, chlorine, fabric softeners, Woolite, or other laundry additives, for these can damage the compression in the garment. Continue reading