EdemaWear A Comfortable Solution


Do you have patients who cannot tolerate compression stockings? Possibly, they feel claustrophobic or trapped in their compression? Their skin may just be too sensitive, therefore the compression garment drives them a bit crazy. Have you ever had this experience? Has your patient ever complained to you about their compression in this way? If so, I just might have a comfortable solution for you and your patients, EdemaWear: a mild compression stockinette with a special weave and levels of compression ranging from 15-20 mmHg. Continue reading

Why The Compression Closet?

WHY THE COMPRESSION CLOSET?Why The Compression Closet?

I had the privilege recently to participate in an educational workshop put on by Lymphedema Seminars. This organization provides continuing education seminars for lymphedema therapists. Karen Ashforth, a lymphedema therapist that I’ve worked with for several years, was one of the presenters. Part of her presentation included companies she worked with and why she worked with them. I’m happy to report The Compression Closet was listed as one of those companies. Karen shared with me why she chose The Compression Closet and what set us apart from other companies. I’d like to share some of her thoughts with you if I may. Continue reading

Simplifying Compression for Lymphedema



lymphedemaPurchasing compression garments can be very confusing and a bit overwhelming at times. Should you choose custom or over-the-counter stockings? How about a compression wrap garment or a nighttime garment? Different compression levels, different lengths, open toe, closed toe, silicone band, and umpteen different manufacturers to choose from. Too many choices, too confusing – does it really need to be? We don’t think so! We decided simplifying compression for lymphedema would be one of our priorities. Continue reading