Solidea: An Alternative to Classic Compression

Solidea an alternative to classic compressionCompression For Lymphedema

In the many years I have worked with lymphedema and compression garments, I have learned that lymphedema is not a one-size-fits-all condition. Furthermore, what works for one person only sometimes works well for another. Lymphedema is a very individual disease with very unique requirements for individual people. Therefore, I am always searching for unique ways to address this issue. Some individuals don’t tolerate classic compression well, and one of the solutions I have found is textured compression garments. One of the most popular of these textured product lines is Solidea. The Compression Closet has been carrying the Solidea line for several years. Solidea is a great alternative to the classic Compression garment.  Therefore, we recently added several new Active Massage garments, including an Active Massage Compression Bra. Want to learn more?

Solidea: An Alternative to the Classic Compression Garment

Step into the future of compression wear with Solidea Active Massage. Active Massage compression goes way beyond classic compression. It’s a dynamic fusion of cutting-edge technology and thoughtful design that will redefine how you experience support and wellness.

This innovative technology creates a gentle massage effect with each move. Combined with graduated compression, these garments support and stimulate, promoting lymphatic circulation and enhancing overall well-being.

Active Massage CompressionSolidea Active massage

Solidea Active Massage Compression is a specialized form of compression technology designed to provide the benefits of classic compression and an additional dynamic massaging effect. By incorporating a raised wave knit on the fabric’s interior, these garments create a textured surface that generates a gentle massaging effect during movement when it comes into contact with the skin. 

Rather than just holding and containing like classic compression, the focus is now on stimulating and moving, which can help with lymphatic return and circulation. This textured fabric provides excellent benefits with minimal compression, making these garments easy to don and doff. Additionally, they are incredibly comfortable. They feel fantastic!

Solidea Active Massage Compression Arm SleeveFIR Technology

Some of these Solidea Active Wear garments also have FIR technology. This technology harnesses the power of infrared therapy, a method of healing and regenerating the body. Doctors and physical therapists have long prescribed far infrared heat lamps as part of their protocol for healing various athletic injuries, skin inflammations, and the pain of auto-immune diseases such as arthritis and neuralgia.

Far infrared rays can penetrate the skin and the underlying tissues, naturally generating heat by causing the subcutaneous proteins, collagens, fats, and water molecules to vibrate, elevating tissue temperatures and causing the blood vessels to expand and dilate, thereby improving blood microcirculation. Scientific studies show that the improvement in blood circulation revitalizes the human body. This circulation enables significant therapeutic benefits that can lead to relief for many underlying conditions, including improved lymphatic drainage & reduction in the appearance of cellulite.

Introducing Our New Favorite Garments from SolideaSolidea Active Massage Compression Bra

Solidea has recently introduced some exciting new products, and we had to be a part of that. One of our favorite new garments is the Solidea Active Massage Compression Bra. The Active Massage bra provides high compression results with lower compression comfort. 

Another favorite we’ve been waiting for is the Solidea Opaque Curvy Legging. Finally, we have leggings for women with Curves! They are opaque, so there is no need to wear anything over them. This garment runs in sizes 2X-Large to 4X-Large. Solidea has also designed a new opaque legging for sizes small to X-large, so we’ve got you covered!

One of Solidea’s best sellers is the Active Massage Arm Sleeves. These slimming, unisex, bilateral arm sleeves have a connected shoulder band, so you won’t have to worry about sleeves slipping. Mild compression makes them a comfortable alternative to classic compression sleeves.

Sale On Solidea Products

With this introduction of so many new and fun Solidea products, we are running a sale through March on some of the most popular Solidea Active Wear Garments. This is a great time to try the Active Massage fabric and see what a difference texture can make. 

Solidea Opaque LeggingsSometimes Less is More

Make Solidea Active Massage Compression Wear your ally in pursuing a healthier, more comfortable, and more active lifestyle. Less compression can be of great benefit. I always recommend going with the least amount of compression that is still effective. This philosophy usually means greater comfort and compliance when wearing that much-needed compression. 

Disclaimer—This blog is for general information purposes only and is not a substitute for medical advice. Always consult a licensed healthcare professional for guidance on your specific condition.


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    • I’m not sure what you mean here by the bra having sleeves. Solidea sleeves are sold as a set. Even though you might only need compression for one arm, it’s always nice to have one garment to wear and one to wash. If you have further questions you can always give me a call and we can discuss further.

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