Simplifying Compression for Lymphedema


lymphedemaPurchasing compression garments can be very confusing and a bit overwhelming at times. Should you choose custom or over-the-counter stockings? How about a compression wrap garment or a nighttime garment? Different compression levels, lengths, open toe, closed toe, silicone band, and umpteen different manufacturers. Too many choices, too confusing – does it need to be? We don’t think so! So we decided simplifying compression for lymphedema would be one of our priorities.


Go through our website, and you may notice that we do not have all the selections that many of the other compression websites have. This is intentional! This is how we simplified the process of ordering good compression online. Working for several years as a fitter and with the help of some exceptional lymphedema therapists, we narrowed the selection to the compression garments we believe work best overall for lymphedema.

Are there other good compression products out there? Yes, of course, there are. However, with the vast amount of choices in compression, we wanted to make a choice just a bit less complicated. Therefore with our many years of experience fitting compression garments and with the help of our therapists, we have narrowed down the choices to our tried and true compression garments. We have found these are the best, most effective compression garments, from the top manufacturers, for the best value.


Let’s take compression stockings as an example of how we narrowed down our choices to makeCompression Stockings it easier for you to decide. Just counting the stockings from the major compression manufacturers, Jobst has 17 different styles of knee-high stockings. Sigvaris has 27, Medi has 14 and Juzo has nine. That’s a total of 67 different types of stockings. This does not include different compression levels, stocking lengths, or different colors and patterns of stockings. This also doesn’t have the stockings from all the off-brands on the market today. Please note there are no FDA standards for gradient compression stockings so anyone can put the label compression on a stocking. Buyer beware!

Juzo Slippie GatorYou could technically go through hundreds of different compression stockings to find the one that works best for you and your condition. However, we have done the work for you, so you don’t have to. There are many good stockings out there, but the ones we feel are the most effective and the best value for lymphedema are Mediven Plus and the Juzo dynamic stockings. Please note this is for over-the-counter compression stockings. Flat-knit compression stockings have proven to be the most effective stocking for lymphedema. However, often the cost prohibits people from obtaining these stockings, especially if their insurance does not cover compression.



Although we have narrowed the number of choices, you may have found a stocking you and your therapist prefer. That is not a problem; although our selection is limited, we are flexible. If you want to purchase from one of the manufacturers we have an account with, we would be happy to help. This order must be done over the phone instead of the Internet.


Lymphedema has never been a one size fits all kind of condition. Furthermore, lymphedema can fluctuate the size of your limb daily. We have done our best to find suitable garments for this condition. Still, we are always on the lookout for new and improved compression therapy – searching for better ways to help solve the problem of finding the best, highest quality compression for our customers. If you have any recommendations or suggestions of compression that you have found effective, we would love to hear about them.


Compression does not have to be complicated! Our top goal is to keep it simple and easy to obtain good-quality compression at a great value. We highly respect you and your therapist and work hard to ensure you receive the best service and the highest quality, best compression garments available. Working together is one of the ways we can combat this disease of lymphedema. Together we are stronger and can achieve a healthier quality of life.lymphedema

Disclaimer – This blog is for general information purposes only. Furthermore, the information contained in this blog is not a substitute for medical advice – always consult a licensed healthcare professional for advice on your specific condition.

0 thoughts on “Simplifying Compression for Lymphedema

  • Very informative. Not much info on lymphedema out there. Very happy you were referred to us for supplies. Keep the info coming. Many thanks

  • Hello! I wear a flat-knit custom sleeve with integrated glove during the day (CCL 2) and a chip sleeve at night. I have two problems, both with the day sleeve. I’m trying to get more exercise so I’m walking and riding my bike frequently, and it’s pretty hot in South Carolina. My sleeve gets moist from sweating and I have to take it off and wash it as soon as I get home. The other problem is that I’m getting a wart-like bump at the base of my little finger which starts to hurt when I ride due (I tend to hang on to the handle grips for dear life!). Do you have any recommendation for a lighter off the shelf sleeve and separate glove that I can wear for an hour to two while riding or walking? I should think that slightly less compression wouldn’t be harmful for an hour or two, and then I can put my custom sleeve on as soon as I return. Any suggestions? Thanks.

    • Hi Carol. It is important to wear compression when you are exercising. However, I see no reason why you could not try an over-the-counter garments for a short period of time. There really is no way of knowing whether or not it will contain you unless you give it a try and it may solve both of you issues. It would depend on whether or not your measurements would fit into an over-the-counter garment as well. Juzo makes a beautiful soft sleeve and they just came out with a new seamless soft glove that is very comfortable. If you would like to discuss further give me a call at 815 342 0370.

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