Lipedema Simplified


There are an estimated 17 million women in the USA that have the fat disorder lipedema and don’t know it, and many more globally. If you struggle with fat, especially disproportionately distributed on your thighs, butt, hips, maybe upper arms, and you’ve efforted to reduce to no avail, you might have a fat disorder called lipedema (lipoedema in Europe). This site is dedicated to raising awareness and offering education about this little-known and generally misdiagnosed disease. We hope you find answers here.

Filmmaker and patient Catherine Seo brings us on a journey of discovery, as she explores this misunderstood and commonly misdiagnosed disease..

Check out this video trailer by Catherine: “The Disease They Call Fat”

Disease They Call Fat

Does this sound like you? Know that you are not alone! Join this amazing group that supports, encourages and help each other discover more about this disease they call fat.

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