I am very excited to introduce Pure Night to The Compression Closet. This innovative nighttime compression garment is like no other. Pure Night is both an effective and comfortable way to manage lymphedema while sleeping. Flat-knit technology distributes gradient pressure with breathable microfiber filling where it’s needed most. Pure Night is a mechanically-structured nighttime garment tailored to each patient’s gradient pressure needs. No more wrapping and no more guessing. Just pure, reliable, comfortable nighttime compression.


The founders, Gerard and Tom Stocco, of Pure Night have 14 years of experience in designing and manufacturing garments for patients with lymphedema, with their goal being to craft a garment with trusted, validated compression. As industry experts, they are pioneering patient-centric solutions for managing lymphedema – streamlining the process, providing knowledgeable solutions and walking with you when the going gets tough. Pure Night is also improving the quality of life.


Custom-made compression garments are classified by two factors that regulate the healing process: containment and compression. Containment is the stiffness factor of the garment. The stiffer the garment, the more containment it provides. This containment helps the muscle pump action that naturally occurs when muscles flex and relax. Compression is the amount of pressure the garment will apply in a rest position. Therefore, gradient compression is critical in improving lymphatic flow.

How do these two factors work together? Higher levels of containment result in higher amounts of pressure. Too much stiffness can amount to ineffectively applied pressure and difficulty applying garments. Finding the right balance of containment and compression to effectively treat your unique condition is essential for maximum benefits. Pure Night provides different compression levels in a nighttime garment, which is very rare! Your medical professional will best be able to determine the correct compression level for you.

Pure Medical pure night compression


Nighttime compression definitely has its benefits! One major advantage is that your body does not have to fight gravity like it does during the day. Therefore, it is easier for your body to move lymphatic fluid while you are resting. If you experience swelling occurring at night or if you have persistent localized skin thickening, you could benefit from a nighttime garment. Nighttime compression garments give you treatment while you sleep. This in turn can make it easier to manage your lymphedema and to put on daytime garments. Ask your lymphedema therapist or medical professional if they think you could benefit from the use of a nighttime compression garment.


Specific measurements are taken at the time of order, as each Pure Night garment is knitted specifically to fit the individual. These custom garments may cost more than an over-the-counter compression garment that is made in mass. However, you will not find a higher quality or more effective garment on the market.

If you would like to learn more or if you have any specific questions, comment below. I’d be happy to provide you with further information or connect you with a rep for an in-service.

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Disclaimer – This blog is for general information purposes only. Furthermore, information contained in this blog is not a substitute for medical advice – always consult a licensed healthcare professional for advice on your specific condition.



0 thoughts on “PURE NIGHT

  • Joan Wheeler says:

    How do I get more information? Are they board approved? Is there a guarantee? What is the cost? Is it covered by insurance?

    • Hi Joan! Thank you for you for reaching out. Here is the link to their website to get more information and to contact the company directly to learn more.
      The cost will vary due to this being a custom made garment. Some insurance will cover this garment, but not all. Medicare does not cover for garments for lymphedema unless there is an open wound involved.

      • If you have Tricare/ Tricare for Life, Military insurance, they are the only insurance company that pays for your garments, and will reimburse you, out of pocket, for supplies you use for wrapping.

  • My LE therapist has suggested I try a Pure Night garment. I can find no reviews, pricing, or information about where to buy. Their website describes the garment, but I want information from someone whose purchased or used this product. Their very limited amount of web presence does not inspire confidence. Do you have any suggestions? Are people purchasing this garment through you?

    • Hi Ceci! The reason you are not finding very much information on this product is because it’s relatively new. However, the people behind this product have been creating garments and working with lymphedema patients for years. One of the owners was a designer with Solaris. You can purchase this garment from me, but it is a custom garment so the pricing is dependent on the garment you want and the options that you would require. If you would like to send me an email about the specific garment you are looking for I can give you an estimate. It’s brand new technology and it’s very exciting because it combines flat knit with chip foam. If you would like an estimate email me at [email protected].

    • In principle, it will be a very similar product, a nighttime garment with foam to help break up lymphatic fluid and move it out while you sleep. However, PureNight is a knitted garment, whereas Tribute is a sewn garment. This makes Purenight softer and more comfortable. It also allows for more ease of movement while you are wearing it.

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