L&R Solaris Tribute Wrap Sleeve Bellow Knee

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The L&R Solaris Tribute Wrap Sleeve covers the Tribute Wrap Bellow Knee garment to ensure straps don’t get tangled in the sheets while you sleep. It also helps protect the garment from dirt, pet hair, and stains. The Sleeve slips easily over the L&R Solaris Tribute Wrap Bellow Knee garment. This garment has rubber patches on the bottom of the foot to prevent slipping when walking.

This garment can also be used with the L&R Solaris Bellow Knee Caresia. If you go down one size from the Caresia, it will help push the foam chips into the affected area. It will also help protect against falls at night with the non-skid bottom.

Nighttime garments are especially beneficial to those living with lymphedema. Nightime compression garments with foam chips like the Tribute Wrap and Caresia provide a gentle lymphatic massage all night long. The foam pressed into the affected area creates tissue stretch and pressure differentials. This encourages the re-absorption of lymphatic fluid and helps move that lymph. Also, your body is not fighting gravity and it’s much easier to move the fluid out while resting.

Take advantage of the therapeutic benefits of nighttime compression garments while you sleep. Then, let the compression garments do the work for you, treating the affected lymphedema limb and moving that lymph fluid all night.


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