Therafirm Ease Adjust

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Therafirm Ease Adjust provides 30-50mmHg firm pressure based on the wearer’s needs. An easy-application inner sleeve supports the wrap while donning and adjusting straps. However, you can put this inner sleeve behind the leg if you have difficulty slipping it over your foot.


  • Anatomical design contours to the calf for a better fit, plus seamless straps reduce pressure points.
  • Easy application inner sleeve supports the wrap while donning and adjusting straps.
  • Day or night use of inelastic materials offers a high working pressure during the day and a low resting pressure with robust containment at night.
  • Ease Adjust has maximum durability and is constructed with premium-grade materials. 
  • Liner socks included 10-15mmHg Core-Spun by Therafirm socks, providing compression and added comfort in the feet and legs.
  • Product guarantee by Therafirm offers a 6-month warranty for materials and quality.


The Ease Adjust Wrap garment does not need to be washed often because the Core-Spun stocking acts as a liner protecting the garment from picking up oils and dirt from your skin. When it becomes soiled, and you want to wash it, simply hand wash it in cold water with mild soap and hang it to dry. 

The Stockings, however, should be washed daily. To maintain your Therafirm Core-Spun compression stockings, Therafirm recommends:

  • Hand or machine wash daily to maximize therapeutic effectiveness and prolong the life of your garment.
  • When machine washing and drying, use the lowest permanent press settings; no heat!
  • Wash dark colors separately from other clothing.
  • Use mild soap
  • DO NOT USE bleach, chlorine, fabric softeners, or other laundry additives. These may damage your garment.
  • Replace stockings every 3-6 months as needed.


Does this sound like the perfect garment for you? It’s so easy to use and so easy to fit and measure. Follow these easy instructions:

  1. On the affected leg, measure the circumference of the narrowest point of the ankle, directly above the ankle bone.
  2. Measure the circumference of the calf at the widest point.
  3. Measure the circumference under the patient’s knee, just below the knee bend.
  4. Measure the length from the floor to the knee bend in a straight line. 
  5. Check out the sizing chart here to select your size and length!
  6. Or, for a YouTube demonstration, click here

Now, wasn’t that easy?


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