Solaris Scrotum Swell Spot

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Solaris Scrotum Swell Spot is designed to gently cradle the scrotum. Garment accommodates up to 27cm of scrotal circumference. This swell spot covers the lower abdominal area which helps direct fluid away from the genital area. Garment measures 34cm wide and 53cm in height. Use day or night to address troublesome areas of edema. The Solaris Scrotum Swell Spot works well with compression capris or shorts. Sigvaris ComprShort or CompreShort Capri work well with this swell spot.

When used with your compression garment, Solaris Labia Swell Spots’ unique foam particles nestle into tissue to create localized tissue stretch and pressure differential. This tissue stretch opens initial lymphatic gaps to encourage re-absorbtion of interstitial fluids and particles. This means Swell Spots™ help break up fibrosis and move fluid where it needs to go!

The grey fabric is specifically designed to be used against your skin in order to provide a gentle grip. This in turn keeps your Swell Spot™ in place. Therefore helping to create the localized tissue stretch necessary to move fluid and break up fibrosis.


Taking care of your Solaris Labia Swell Spot™ is as easy as using them in your current lymphedema protocols. To wash your Swell Spots™, just toss them in your washing machine with a normal load of laundry and machine dry. Do not use bleach or fabric softeners in the washing and drying process. Tumble dry on permanent press because this will help to fluff up foam chips.

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