L&R-Solaris ReadyWrap Liners

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The enhanced L&R-Solaris ReadyWrap sock liners are the perfect accompaniment for your ReadyWrap Calf and ReadyWrap Foot compression wraps for lymphedema. These newly redesigned sock liners have incredible new benefits that will surely impress. These liners act as a protection for your skin while wearing the wrap garments. They now come in two sizes: Small-Large and X-Large-2X-Large.

Forget the hassle of traditional compression garments – the Solaris ReadyWrap compression leg wraps are the ultimate alternative, designed explicitly for edema and lymphedema. These wraps are beneficial if you struggle with donning elastic compression daywear. ReadyWrap compression wrap for lymphedema, ensuring that the design and use of low-stretch materials enhance contouring and provide an unparalleled fit. Experience the ultimate solution for lymphedema wrapping.


At L&R, people and their healthcare have always been our primary focus. The tagline People.Health.Care. Draws attention to three independent areas that form the essence of L&R’s vision and values: People are our top priority and, therefore, at the heart of everything we do. Their health is both L&R’s area of expertise and sphere of activity. Finally, care embodies the brand values of trust, customer and service focus, and the idea of L&R as a reliable partner. As a trusted solution provider, we are well-positioned to help people worldwide with this three-pronged approach.


  • Machine wash on permanent press in warm water
  • Do not use bleach or fabric softener
  • Do not dry-clean


  • Polyester
  • Nylon
  • Spandex
  • Not made with natural rubber latex


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