Solaris Caresia Arm Sleeve

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Solaris Caresia Arm Sleeve Bandage Liners simplify complex multi-layered bandaging protocols. The Caresia provides an alternative to foam liners, stockinette, and gauze. Caresia garments are designed for the active phase of therapy and are manufactured with the same technology as Solaris’ custom Tribute garments. Therefore it will maximize therapeutic results. Patients simply donn the Caresia then wrap the recommended series of bandage layers on top of the bandage liner. Use the Solaris Caresia Arm Sleeve for an inexpensive nighttime garment as well.

Why choose Caresia? First of all you will reduce the time spent bandaging. It then will jump start the initial lymphatic system with unique foam-chip particles that encourage gentle tissue stretch and pressure differential. Furthermore it will help break up tough fibrosis while remaining gentle on delicate skin. Finally it will disperse irregular pressures to prevent compression hot-spots.


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