Sigvaris Melany

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Sigvaris Melany is a versatile donning and doffing device. It is perfect for people who have limited mobility. I find it much easier to watch how this device works than explain it, for a demonstration click here> YouTube video

Donning your gradient compression stockings can be a real challenge. The number one reason that we receive returns at The Compression Closet is that people are unable to don their compression stockings. It’s not that the stockings don’t work or that they are of poor quality. It’s simply that they cannot get the garment on, or sometimes get it off.

Unfortunately, many of these people live alone or have little or no assistance with these compression garments. However, there are some tricks of the trade and some gadgets that can help with the donning and doffing of compression garments. One of these gadgets is the Sigvairs Melany.

Sigvaris Melany is a donning and doffing aid in one. This device works similar to the butler and works well while in a sitting position. However, unlike the butler the Melany also comes with the ability to doff your compression stockings.  This is the upgrade version of Sigvaris Simon, being much more sturdy and durable.


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