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Medi Butler is a donning aid to support patients in applying compression stockings. This uncomplicated device makes donning compression stockings easy. Save time and the aggravation of getting those compression stockings on. This Butler allows stockings to be easily donned from a sitting position. This also enables the wearer to pull the sock on without reaching their feet or ankles.

Donning your gradient compression stockings can be a real challenge. The number one reason we receive returns at The Compression Closet is that people cannot don their compression stockings. It’s that the socks don’t know or that they are of poor quality. It’s only that they cannot get the garment on or sometimes get it off.

Unfortunately, many people live alone or have little or no assistance with these compression garments. However, some tricks of the trade and some gadgets can help with the donning and doffing of compression garments. Medi Butler is one of these gadgets.

If you have a larger leg or are taller with a more extended reach, you may want to try the Medi BIG Butler. This device gives you more circumference for larger calves and longer handles for greater distances.


Medi® USA is a medical products and technologies company focused on compression therapies for chronic medical conditions, athletic performance, and fashion. They offer a new approach to treating lymphedema by providing a pathway to patient self-management. This includes introducing compression garments in the decongestion and transition phases and providing specific product choices for every stage that meet the patient’s needs.


We love working with Medi at The Compression Closet. This company has the best customer service in the industry. For example, making it easier for customers to get compression garments with an easy return policy. Beyond that, they are a company continually sharing knowledge and information through education and research.

Butler: 4″ Diameter and 12.5″ reach

Big Butler: 6″ Diameter and 18″ reach

To see how easy this product is to use, check out this video by Medi.

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