Medi BIG Butler

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Medi BIG Butler allows for extra-wide calf circumference (6″). It also has long handles (18″) for those who have trouble bending down to reach their toes.  Use this butler to support patients in the application of compression stockings. The Medi butler allows stockings to be easily donned from a sitting position. This enables the wearer to pull the stocking on without having to reach their feet or ankles.

Donning your gradient compression stockings can be a real challenge. The number one reason that we receive returns at The Compression Closet is that people are unable to don their compression stockings. It’s not that the stockings don’t work or that they are of poor quality, or that they are not what the people expected. It’s simply that they cannot get the garment on or sometimes get it off.

The Medi BIG butler may be the answer for you if you have trouble bending. There are several different models of the Butler and most of the major manufacturers of compression stockings make a butler. However, one of the most popular butlers is the Medi BIG Butler. What’s nice about this product is that it has very long handles and a large diameter, which allows for a wider calf. It is a bit more expensive than the average butler, but if you need that little bit of extra space and reach, it provides for it.

If you have smaller legs the Medi Butler might be a better option for you. This butler works the same way but has a smaller circumference to put the stocking over. The handles are also not as long, making for easier storage.

Butler: 4″ Diameter and 12.5″ reach

Big Butler: 6″ Diameter and 18″ reach

Check out this video on how effective this device can be.


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