Medi Arm Butler

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Medi Arm Butler enables easy self-donning of your compression sleeves. You no longer need to struggle to get that arm sleeve up your arm. This butler’s unique design works well with any stable surface, such as a countertop or table.

Donning your gradient compression arm sleeve can be a real challenge. The number one reason we receive returns at The Compression Closet is that people cannot don their garments. It’s not that the arm sleeve didn’t work or was of poor quality. It’s simply that they cannot get the garment on or sometimes get it off.

Unfortunately, many of these people live alone or have little or no assistance with these compression garments, which would make a world of difference. This butler helps to give you greater independence. This, in turn, results in better compliance with wearing your garment and greater self-confidence.

This donning device comes in just one size and will accommodate most arms. The circumference of the Medi Arm Butler is 4.5″. This product is quality made of sturdy metal with rounded corners for safety. It’s simple but sturdy construction will most likely last you a lifetime.

To watch a demonstration of how this butler works.

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