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L&R-Solaris Caresia Below Knee bandage liner simplifies complex multi-layered bandaging protocols. Caresia is one of The Compression Closet’s favorite compression garments for managing lymphedema. The Caresia provides an alternative to foam liners, stockinettes, and gauze. Caresia Below Knee garments are designed for the active phase of therapy and manufactured with the same technology as Solaris’ custom Tribute and TributeWrap garments. Therefore,e Caresia maximizes therapeutic results. 


The Caresia Below Knee garment is easy to fit with three simple measurements. You will need the smallest ankle circumference, the largest calf circumference, and the length measurement from the floor-to-knee crease. This garment has a lot of stretch, and a snug fit is best, so if you are in between sizes, it is recommended to go with the smaller size. 


L&R-Solaris Caresia Below Knee is extremely easy to use. First, gently fold the upper portion of your Caresia over the lower part and slide it over the foot. Then, pull the garment up over the rest of the lower leg. Next, starting at the base of the toes, apply short-stretch bandages snugly over your Caresia, according to your trained medical professional’s instructions. Wearing your Caresia is like getting a lymphatic massage. It’s an effective and valuable tool for managing your lymphedema. Finally, combine the Caresia Below Knee with the Caresia Thigh piece for complete leg coverage. When using a below-knee and thigh garment together, ensure the garments overlap. Begin applying the short-stretch bandages at the ankle and proceed up the leg.


Although the makers of Caresia Below Knee designed the product as a bandage liner, therapists soon realized it provided an alternative nighttime compression garment. Compression nighttime garments can be costly, especially when custom-made. However, the Caresia garment proved to be an easy solution for those unable to purchase a nighttime compression garment. 

Wearing compression garments at night has proven beneficial in maintaining gains during lymphedema therapy. Because your body doesn’t have to fight gravity while lying down, it’s easier for your compression garments to be effective. Wearing nighttime compression garments is like getting a gentle lymphatic massage all night. 


In selecting products from Lohmann & Rauscher’s Solaris Line, you can rest assured that you have the support and backing of one of the world’s primary providers of various medical products. This includes an emphasized focus on compression therapy for lymphedema. L&R sees itself as a partner in your success and takes this very seriously. The breadth and width of the product line offer many specialized options for your specific treatment objectives.


  • L&R recommends washing and drying all Caresia garments before the first extended use.


  • Machine wash in cold water
  • Do not use fabric softener or bleach
  • Do not dry-clean


  • Tumble dry on low heat with other laundry items – drying helps fluff the foam chips up.
  • Do not iron
  • Shorten drying time by pressing out excess water with a towel or tumbling with clean tennis balls.

L&R guarantees that your high-quality Caresia garment is free of material and manufacturing defects during the recommended six-month period.


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