Juzo SoftCompress Pad Male

Price: $110.00




Juzo SoftCompress Pad Male boosts the drainage of lymph fluid because of its highly functional surface structure with foam channels that run vertically. Juzo SoftCompress pad can selectively increase the compression pressure for particularly localized edema, lymphedema, and fibrosis.

Providing cushioning underneath the compression garment with Juzo SoftCompress can prevent pressure points and skin damage. The material is particularly skin-friendly to wear because of its cotton surface. Being low profile, this pad works well with compression shorts or compression capris. Wear Ease High Waist Shorts, which are a good choice with this pad.


Wash the Juzo SoftCompress Pad Male after each use. Please note the care symbols on the textile label sewn into the product. The products can be washed in the machine using a laundry detergent for delicate fabrics. Furthermore, a laundry bag additionally protects the product. Please do not use fabric softener. Never use bleach. Stretch the wet bandage before drying it.

You can reduce drying time by placing the Juzo SoftCompress on a thick towel, rolling the towel up tightly, and pressing out excess moisture firmly. Please do not leave the product in the towel or dry it on a radiator or in the sun. Juzo SoftCompress can be tumble-dried but must not be ironed.


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