Juzo Easy Pad

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The Juzo Easy Pad is similar in texture to a mouse pad. This pad allows you to use leg muscles to help push your compression stocking on. Repeatedly slide your heel against the pad to slide your foot into the compression garment. By doing so, you minimize the need to bend at the waist. Watch this YouTube Video for a demonstration of how quickly and easily you can don and doff those compression stockings.

Use the Easy Pad with the Tyvex slipper that comes with your Juzo Dynamic open-toe stocking. If you do not have the slipper or a closed-toe stocking, use the Juzo Slippie Gator. The Slippie Gators’ long handles also contribute to the ease of not having to bend over. The Easy Pad and the Slippie Gator can be purchased as a set to save money.

When using the Juzo Easy Pad, it is also recommended to use donning gloves. These gloves make it easy to grab a hold of the fabric and lift it off the leg to pull it up. Another benefit of donning gloves is protecting the stocking against holes and runs from nails or jewelry. Donning gloves are inexpensive, but you could use rubber kitchen gloves in a pinch.

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