Juzo Dynamic Knee High

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Buying cheap compression stockings never saved anyone any money! Testing on some of these off-brand stockings has proven many discrepancies. For example, they have found socks with the compression levels reversed so that the compression would cause the fluid to move distally instead of proximally. They have also found stocks with no graduated compression and many with incorrect compression levels.

Juzo, Jobst, Mediven, and Sigvaris all make quality stockings. Are you going to pay more for them? Yes, you will! However, would you prefer a quality pair of socks or a bag of garbage stockings? You wouldn’t buy your prescription drugs from the back of a Sunday newspaper magazine, would you? So why would you purchase your medical-grade compression stockings?


At The Compression Closet, we take the mystery out of buying your compression garments. Instead, we make it easy for you to get the best compression for the best value. There are over 70 styles of knee-high compression stockings made by major manufacturers. Juzo, Jobst, Mediven, and Sigvaris are all good!


We believe the Juzo Dynamic knee-high stockings are one of the best circular knit compression stockings for lymphedema. We’ve tested and fit a lot of different compression garments for lymphedema over the years! We did the work so you wouldn’t have to go through all the trials and errors to find a good compression stocking.


For over 100 years, doctors and therapists have trusted Juzo to help restore vitality. Riding a bike. Working in the garden. Taking a walk. Going to work. These are the keep-moving benefits of Juzo Dynamic knee high compression stockings, designed to improve your quality of life, not inhibit it. Family-owned since 1912, Juzo has led the compression therapy garment industry by creating high-quality products that allow you to maintain a more active lifestyle. Juzo also creates seasonal colors that change every six months. Contact us for more information if you are interested in some varied colors.


77% Polyamide


NO LATEX in any Juzo products


To maintain your Juzo Knee High stockings, Juzo recommends:

  • Hand or machine wash daily to maximize therapeutic effectiveness and prolong the life of your garment.
  • When machine washing and drying, use the lowest permanent press settings.
  • Juzo recommends using a garment bag
  • Wash dark colors separately from other clothing.
  • Use mild soap
  • DO NOT USE bleach, chlorine, fabric softeners, or other laundry additives. These may damage your garment.

2 reviews for Juzo Dynamic Knee High

  1. Grace Barnes (verified owner)

    Juzo Dynamic Knee Highs were among the first lymphedema compression socks that Theresa recommended to me. They are comfortable and I still wear this brand today. Theresa has been vigilant at checking to see how well they are working for me.

    • Theresa (verified owner)

      I’m so happy these stockings are working well for you, Grace. Thank you for your review of this product!

  2. S. Cheung (verified owner)

    It takes some practice but my husband finally get the hang of it. At first it took about 15mins each leg to put on/take off the socks (unless you are young, healthy & flexible like the lady in the video:))–now he can do it in about 5 mins–so don’t give up. It would be helpful if JUZO can make the seams at the heel more visible so you know the sock is at the correct position more easily. The socks definitely helps with his edema & keep the swelling down. There was a problem with the shipping but Theresa took care of it and made sure we received our order promptly. Theresa is also very helpful in answering all our questions.

    • Theresa (verified owner)

      Oh, Sandy, I’m so glad you and your husband were persistent and found a way to make this work. It takes a bit of practice, but it really works to help get those stockings on. Thank you for your feedback. It is much appreciated.

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