JoViPak Peri-Auricular Neck Pad

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JoViPak Peri-Auricular Neck Pad

The management of head and neck lymphedema can be challenging. As a result, the JoViPak Peri-Auricular Neck Pad can offer a customized solution to meet these individual needs. Use the pad with the JoVi Pak Extended Chin Strap for optimal therapeutic outcomes.


The secret behind JoViPak’s effective and comfortable design is its use of a four-density foam chip mix and particular surface structure. Different densities of medical-grade chipped foam work to provide gentle pressure on the affected tissue. Therefore, guiding the lymphatic fluid to areas with functioning lymph nodes helps eliminate waste.

Use JoViPak Peri-Auricular Neck Pad when neck and face lymphedema presents. It is filled with shredded foam and sewn with vertical lines for continuous flow. Therefore, the stitching pattern directs lymph flow away from the pubis toward collection areas.


Polartec Power Dry fabric offers unique microfiber yarns. At the same time, a special weave disperses moisture and heat across a wide surface area. Furthermore, smooth, highly durable yarns are optimized to help move moisture away from the skin.


Use this pad with the JoVi Pak Extended Chin Strap for optimal therapeutic benefits because the chin strap helps to push the foam chips into the affected area, moving lymphatic fluid out.


Jobst JoViPak is a socially responsible product manufacturer that treats acute and chronic edema and related venous insufficiency. They create compression garments, liners, and pads and have been successfully doing so for over 15 years. Founded by JoAnn Rovig, a renowned lymphedema therapist, educator, and cancer survivor, JoViPak has been a leader in the industry since its inception. Based in Seattle, WA, our products are made from the highest quality natural and organic materials and are manufactured exclusively in the USA.


Machine wash gentle, mild detergent, warm water. No bleach. Machine dry at a low temperature because this fluffs foam chips for more effective use.


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