JoviPak Male Genital Pad

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The management of lymphedema can be challenging. As a result JoviPak Male Genital Pad can offer a customized solution to meet individual these needs. Use a foam chip genital pad, along with compression garments for optimal therapeutic results.

The secret behind JoViPak’s effective and comfortable design is its use of a four-density foam chip mix and special surface structure. Different densities of medical-grade chipped foam work to provide gentle pressure on the affected tissue. Therefore guiding the lymphatic fluid to areas with functioning lymph nodes which helps eliminate waste.

Use JoviPak Male Genital Pad when there is labial swelling and/or fibrosis present. Filled with shredded-foam and sewn with vertical lines for continuous flow. Therefore stitching pattern directs lymph flow away from the pubis toward collection areas.

Polartec Power Dry fabric offers special microfiber yarns. While a unique weave disperses moister and heat across a wide surface area. Furthermore smooth, highly durable yarns optimized to help move moister away from skin.

Use padded insert under a compression garment for protection, added comfort and optimal results. Wear Ease Short Compression Capri or Wear Ease High Waist Compression Short are a good choice.

This model has soft elastic straps (with latex) to hold garment in place. However the garment also is sold without the straps if latex is an issue.


Machine wash gentle, mild detergent, warm water. No bleach. Machine dry on a low temperature, because this fluffs up foam chips for more effective use.



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