Jobst FarrowWrap Classic Footpiece

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The Jobst FarrowWrap Classic Footpiece is designed with smart elastic short stretch bands and composed of a multi-layer fabric design; its fabric has been clinically proven over many years of use and on thousands of patients worldwide. The rigid nature of the material offers performance beyond the compression range, making it an excellent choice for those with moderate to severe edema. The band widths provide optimal overlap of bands from bottom to top. The Velcro system makes it easy to adjust and fit the patient’s leg. This system also makes it easy for patients to adjust the straps due to edema fluctuations.

Jobst FarrowWrap Classic is a highly effective compression garment for moderate to severe edema control. The “Original FarrowWrap” is used and loved by people worldwide.


The bandaging system for lymphedema can be complex for some, especially those with weak hands, lower back problems, or obesity. The FarrowWrap is designed to accommodate such patients by providing an easy-to-apply, effective garment.

The FarrowWrap Classic system uses the principles of short-stretch bandaging, providing both low resting and high working pressure. Resting pressure is the pressure exerted onto the body from the outside when the muscle is at rest. This short-stretch system is very effective in the treatment and management of lymphedema.


First, apply a liner to protect the garment and increase comfort. Next, unwrap the leg piece and lay the wrap flat on the ground behind your leg with the label facing the floor. Next, grab the bottom two straps and wrap them firmly around your ankle. If you are wearing a foot piece, this band should overlap the foot piece. Next, apply the remaining bands in the same manner. When properly donned, the white label will be located just below the knee crease. If you have difficulty bending over, lay the garment flat on your bed or an ottoman to don. The garment should feel snug and comfortable, never painful.


The FarrowWrap Classic garment comes with a non-compressive liner. If you require compression in the foot, you can also use the FarrowWrap Classic foot piece. However, if this is too bulky, you might opt for a Farrow Hybrid Liner instead. This stocking only compresses the foot and ankle and is to be used with a wrap garment.


The Jobst FarrowWrap Classic Footpiece will not require washing regularly, being you have the liner against the skin to protect this garment. When it does require washing, wash by hand in cool water with a mild soap. Fill a sink with water and soap and gently dunk the garment up and down in the water. When sufficiently clean, rinse the garment out and hang it to dry. Wash the Farrow Liners daily. You can either hand wash or wash in a machine with cold water and on a delicate cycle. Dry on low heat.


FarrowWrap Classic: 32% Polyamide (Nylon), 5% Elastane (Spandex), 47% Cotton,

16% Polyester

Farrow Liner: 96% Polyamide (Nylon), 4% Elastane (spandex)

Farrow Hybrid Liner: 83% Polyamide (Nylon), 17% Elastane (spandex)


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