Medi Donning Gloves

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Use Medi Donning Gloves to make applying your compression garments easier. A texture design allows easy fabric control without strenuous effort or risk of tearing. Protect your compression garments from nails and jewelry by wearing gloves. Therefore, to extend the life of your garment and simplify the donning process, don’t forget to use your donning gloves.

When having challenges donning or doffing any compression garments, a donning glove is the first thing I recommend trying. It is the least complicated and the least expensive. If you require additional help, use these gloves in combination with Medi Butler or the Juzo Slippie Gator. All the major compression companies sell donning gloves, and they all work much the same. We like the Medi Donning Glove, but if you prefer a different manufacturer like Juzo or Sigvaris, we would also be happy to get those for you. If you are ordering additional products, such as a Juzo Dynamic Stocking with the donning gloves, we will send you the Juzo gloves so that your order will come together and be a simple transaction.


We love working with Medi at The Compression Closet. This company does have the best customer service in the industry. Making it easier to get customers in the correct compression garments with an easy return policy. They are a company continually sharing knowledge and information through education and research to serve this community better.


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