CircAid Reduction Kit Knee

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Compression bandaging, although effective in reducing edema, does have its drawbacks. The application of bandages is time-consuming and requires skill. Furthermore, wearing bandages can negatively impact a person’s quality of life. Bandages can be uncomfortable and time-consuming. Moreover, hygiene can also be problematic, resulting in low compliance.


Realizing some of the issues patients and therapists had with bandaging, CircAid created a new way to achieve these results. They invented the Circaid Reduction Kits. CircAid Reduction Kit Knee combines all the benefits of inelastic compression with the advantages of a custom garment. The customizable reduction kit system is trimmed to fit in the clinic. Therefore, it can be adaptable to your patient’s unique needs. Designed for acute drainage phase lymphedema management, patients enjoy the liberating nature of an inelastic garment system they can remove for routine hygiene and re-apply themselves without the aid of a caregiver or clinician. As a result, they will never want to go back to bandaging! 


In the initial case study of the reduction kit, 79% of the patients stated they would continue to use the product to help maintain their condition. Seventy percent described the Reduction Kit for the Knee as excellent. By the end of the trial, clinicians’ view of the reduction kit improved from the initial evaluation, with 85% rating it as “excellent.” Finally, 67% of clinicians gave the Reduction Kit Knee an excellent rating for its ability to control edema and improve the patient’s skin.


Medi® is committed to helping people worldwide live a more independent, productive, and satisfying life while managing circulatory, lymphatic, and ambulatory issues. Medi takes its position seriously as a global leader in medical compression by investing in research, education, and innovation. They also provide the latest technologies, enabling patients to manage challenges fully and enjoy life.
“I feel better” is our commitment to our customers, clinicians, and patients to deliver our promises of unparalleled service, educational support, and health outcomes in our clinical segments.


The CircAid Reduction Kit Knee is a high-quality, effective option for managing lymphedema. The Knee Reduction Kit has underliners and a shelf strap for challenging areas. If you need coverage for the entire leg, you also want a Reduction Kit for the Lower Leg and a Reduction Kit for the Upper Leg. Therapists have also successfully used EdemaWear on the Upper Leg with a Reduction Kit on the Lower Leg and Knee.


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