CircAid Juxtalite HD

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CircAid Juxtalite HD  is an inelastic compression for mild, moderate and severe venous disease. It can also be used for mild to moderate lymphedema. Featuring multiple compression levels along with easy adjustability of product without removal. Like all CircAid Wrap garments Juxatlite comes with a Built-In-Pressure system (BPS) for measurable, adjustable compression. Silvertec added to prevent static, odor and propagation of bacteria in garment.

A  recent study of Adjustable Compression Wrap (ACW) garments concluded that compression wraps for lymphedema were not inferior to custom-made flat knit garments. Compression wrap garments proved they could be more advantageous in the maintenance phase of complex decongestive therapy (CDT) for lymphedema. The compression wraps prove easier to don and doff. They also showed a continuation of reduction in the limb whereas the flat knit stocking did not. Another advantage is the cost of ACW garments, can be significantly less money than a flat knit garment.

CircAid Juxtalite HD is ideal for both day and night use. When using at night loosen straps slightly as you don’t need as much compression while lying down.

Care instructions:

Hand wash and lay flat to dry the CircAid Juxtalite HD wrap. Do not use bleach, iron or dry clean. Wash undersocks daily and wrap garment as needed. To protect your garment purchase a CircAid Cover Up.

System includes:

1 Juxalite legging, I pair of compressive undersocks and 1 BPS card. Medi Undersocks can also be purchased separately.


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