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Are you hesitant to order online? I am, especially with items I have to wear. There was a time, a long time ago, when I could purchase a certain size and know that it was pretty much going to fit, with very little difficulty. But times have changed and so has my body, many parts have migrated south. I also think that standardization of sizing is a thing of the past. So yes, buying clothing or anything that I have to wear on the internet, without trying it on first – can be scary!! Fortunately, here at The Compression Closet, we have a no fear return policy.


We all know that lymphedema is not a “one size fits” all kind of condition. What works today might not work tomorrow, because lymph is a moving target. This is why we will accept any garment back within 30 days. We want both our customers and the therapists who are recommending these garments to feel confident in ordering. Knowing that if it’s not the right garment, they are not stuck with it. We may have to exchange a garment more than once, but our goal is to develop a working relationship with both our therapists and our customers. Lymphedema is a condition that can be managed, but as of yet cannot be cured. We, at The Compression Closet want to be there for the journey, not just the sale.


It may not be that the compression garment is the wrong size, again dealing with lymphedema and edema, it may just be the wrong garment. Some garments are going to contain the swelling better than other compression garments. While some garments are better for reducing, others are better for maintaining. Some compression garments are easier to get on than others, while some may be more bulky and cumbersome. Whatever the reason, we will take your garment back and work with you to get the correct garment. We truly do want our therapists as well as our patients to have NO fear in ordering their garments! Hopefully our “no fear return policy” will make that possible.


Many DME (durable medical supply) companies, have a policy of not allowing any returns once the garment leaves the premises. This seems a bit unfair, especially dealing with a condition like lymphedema. We truly do want you in a good quality garment that is going to work well for you and we will work with you until we get it right. Have we ever had clients that nothing worked – yes! However, they are few and far between. You can be assured that we will do our very best to get you in the best possible garment for your condition.


But – what about shipping? If I have to return the garment am I going to have to pay for shipping? How do I exchange or return my product when you have no physical storefront? No worries, as our no fear return policy has got that covered, too.  We will send you a shipping label to attach to the package and the you just drop it off at the post office. When we receive the garment back, we will refund your account, or if we are exchanging it, will order your new product. We want to make this as easy and carefree for you as possible! Life is hard enough without having to worry about the fear of being stuck with garments you do not want or cannot use!


Yes, there are some limits! The garment has to be returned within 30 days of purchase. We believe 30 days will give you plenty of time to try the garment and determine whether or not it is going to work. It has been our experience, that within the first few days, you will know whether or not the garment is right for you.

The Compression Closet also cannot do refunds on custom made compression garments. This includes specialty colors and prints designs. However, all manufactures will allow at least one remake on custom garments, and some will allow two.


It is our goal to get you in the right compression garment the first time! Most often this is the case, because we work with such competent and capable therapists. However, occasionally we need to try something different. We want you to feel confident that by ordering from The Compression Closet we are doing everything possible to make it right! Good compression garments are a must for those dealing with lymphedema and edema, and getting the right garment is essential for effective treatment. Having a no fear return policy makes this goal easier to achieve!!

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    • Although I do not have any specialty colors or patterned stockings on the website there are some. Juzo has specialty colors and Sigvaris makes a stocking that has either strips or an argyle pattern. If you are interested in something like this, you would need to call to place the order. 815 342 0370

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