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Nighttime compression garments offer numerous benefits for individuals living with lymphedema. They can help reduce swelling, improve circulation, prevent fibrosis, enhance tissue elasticity, promote better sleep quality, and ultimately improve the overall quality of life. Are you reaping these benefits? Would you like to learn more about compression use at night? Let’s first talk about garments that should not be worn while sleeping or lying down. 


 Gradient compression stockings are not to be worn at night unless you are specifically instructed to do so by your therapist or doctor. Because compression stockings help pump blood back to the heart, lying down may put too much pressure on the heart, which can be dangerous. You can use some compression garments both during the day and at night. And then there are garments for nighttime use only. However, gradient compression stockings typically are not worn at night, only during the day when you are ambulatory. So what can you wear at night? Let’s go over some options. 

CircAid Adjustable Compression WrapsTHE VERSATILE WRAP GARMENT

Compression wrap garments, like the Farrow Wrap Classic, are a practical and versatile choice. Unlike a compression stocking, which prevents the limb from swelling, wrap garments also help to reduce the affected limb. These wrap garments work much like the bandaging phase of the lymphedema treatment. Even if you can wear compression stockings and they work well for you, it’s nice to have a pair of wrap garments to help reduce swelling in case of any flare-ups.

Just like bandaging, you can wear wrap garments 23 hours a day if you choose. Compression wrap garments give you the benefit of treatment all day and night. You will need to take them off for at least an hour a day to check your skin, bathe and allow some air to get to the affected area. 

Only some people need to wear the garments at night. Consult your therapist or doctor to determine if this would benefit you and your condition. If you wear the wrap garments at night, you will want to loosen them slightly, as you will not need as much compression while resting. 


Compression garments with foam chips are nighttime garments that provide a gentle lymphatic massage all night. The foam pressed into the NEW TRIBUTE WRAP GARMENTSaffected area creates tissue to stretch and pressure differentials. This encourages the re-absorption of lymphatic fluid and helps move that lymph. Many garments are custom-made, but some are high-quality, effective over-the-counter garments. For example, Sigvaris makes a beautiful chip sleeve for the arm and hand. This garment comes up high on the Axilla and covers the hand with a separation for the thumb. In addition, Sigvaris Chip Sleeve comes with a cover to help push the foam chips in, giving you effective therapy while you sleep.

L&R makes a TributeWrap garment combining a wrap and a chip sleeve. You can get the TributeWrap for the arm, hand, and lower and upper leg. These garments also have an outside cover that helps push the foam chips into the affected area. The cover also protects the Velcro tabs from pulling up at night while you sleep. The wrap part of this garment gives you the benefit of adjusting the garment as the limb reduces and changes size, giving you a custom-like fit.


A less expensive alternative to these chip foam garments is the Caresia. Caresia’s original design was to be used in the treatment phase under bandaging. However, some therapists like to use this as an alternative nighttime garment due to its effectiveness and cost savings. When using the Caresia, you will want to wrap a short stretch bandage around the outside to get the most benefits. This pressure will push those foam chips into the affected area and move lymph out.


If you are looking for the top of line nighttime compression garments, look at Pure Night Custom compression garments. Pure Medical is pursuing the perfect therapeutic nighttime compression garment for each client. With 14 years of experience designing and manufacturing garments for patients with lymphedema, its founders set out to craft a garment with trusted, validated compression. The patented flat-knit technology of Pure Medical’s Pure Night custom garment produces a nighttime garment tailored to each patient’s gradient pressure needs. 

Unlike chip foam garments, Pure Night’s flat-knit technology distributes pressure where needed most. Resulting in a garment that’s easy to use, breathable, and comfortable for sleeping. 


If you or someone you know is struggling with lymphedema, consider discussing the potential benefits of nighttime compression garments with your healthcare professional. By incorporating these garments into a comprehensive treatment plan, individuals with lymphedema can experience improved symptom management and a better sense of well-being. 

Take advantage of the therapeutic benefits of nighttime compression garments while you sleep. Let the compression garments work for you, treating the affected lymphedema limb and moving that lymph fluid all night while you sleep or rest. 

Disclaimer – This blog is for general information purposes only. Furthermore, the information in this blog is not a substitute for medical advice – always consult a licensed healthcare professional for advice on your specific condition.



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