Introducing New Sigvaris Garments


It’s an exciting time in the lymphedema world with the possibility of Medicare picking up some of the cost of garments and all the new product manufacturers are coming up with to fit the needs of individuals dealing with lymphedema and lipedema. I can hardly keep up with the latest innovative products being introduced today for lymphedema care. If you see a product elsewhere that interests you but have not seen on my website, feel free to contact me. I will research it and let you know if this is a company I deal with and if I can obtain this product for you. Yes, we are a small company, but we have a big heart and try our best to accommodate our customers’ needs.  Today, I’d like to introduce you to some new Sigvaris garments.


Before introducing the new Sigvaris Garments,  let me tell you about the SIGVARIS GROUP. This Swiss company has been 100% family-owned since it was founded in 1864 by Moritz Ganzoni-Sträuli and his associate Niklaus Barthelts. 

Today, SIGVARIS GROUP is committed to helping people feel their best with high-quality and innovative offerings in medical compression therapy. Their portfolio caters to a wide range of different needs and indications. Sigvaris offers compression wear for most medical conditions, ranging from standard medical level to highly sophisticated solutions for specific symptoms, like complex edemas and lymphedema. 

Sigvaris compression therapy addresses more than your medical requirements and comfort. It caters to your way of life. Sigvaris Group creates some of The Compression Closets’ most popular garments, including the CompreFlex Wrap and the CompreShort!


Listening to the needs of their customers, Sigvaris has taken their ever-popular CompreShort and CompreCapri and made it with a thicker material so that you can wear it as a stand-alone garment. The CompreShort and CompreCapri are undergarments, whereas you wear the CompreShape Capri and Short as an outer garment. These CompreShape products have the same design and the exact sizing as the CompreShort, so if you love these garments but want to wear them as an outer garment, Sigvaris has got you covered. Comfort, style, and compression all in one. Sigvaris cares about your lifestyle as well as your compression needs. 


We already have a couple of the Sigvaris Chip Pads on our website, but we loved them so much we had to add more. What is so great about these chip pads is that they are soft, pliable, and effectively break up challenging fibrotic areas. When chip pads are too large and bulky, they become uncomfortable and are infrequently used. Furthermore, the cumbersome nature of these pads makes them very visible, which can also cause emotional discomfort for those who need this product. Sigvaris chip pads address all these issues, making them easy to use with a low profile and a soft, comfortable feel. 

New pads include the Axilla and Bra pad, which work well with the Praire Wear Hugger Prima Bra. The Dorsum pad works well with the Juzo Expert Glove for difficult dorsum swelling. Along with Radial full and half pads that you can use anywhere, you find complex fibrotic tissue that needs breaking up and moving out. 


Nighttime compression garments can make significant improvements in your lymphedema and fibrotic conditions. Sigvaris makes one of the only full-leg, over-the-counter nighttime chip sleeves. The foam in these nighttime garments helps to break up fibrotic tissue and move lymph fluid out while you sleep. It’s like having a lymphatic massage while you rest. This garment also comes in a below-knee style for those needing only coverage below the knee. Again, Sigvaris Chip Sleeve garments are soft, malleable, not stiff, and cumbersome, making them ideal for resting and sleeping. These garments have a lot of stretch, making them easy to don and doff. The Chip Sleeve also comes with an outside cover that helps to push those foam chips into the affected area. This cover helps to massage your leg and move fluid out gently. 


At The Compression Closet, we continually improve our website to serve you better. Please let me know if you have found significantly effective products for your lymphedema or lipedema conditions. I want to provide you with all the best and most effective garments on the market. Please comment below if you have any questions or comments about these new products. I would be happy to answer your questions or provide further information for you as needed.The Compression Closet

Disclaimer – This post is for general information. Furthermore, the information contained in this blog is not a substitute for medical advice. Always consult a licensed healthcare professional for advice on your specific condition.


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