Have you checked out our Lymphedema Resource Page yet? We want our website to be more than just a place to purchase great compression garments for lymphedema. Specifically, we are creating a go-to place for all things lymphedema, from garments to informative blog posts to resources for those dealing with lymph disorders.

Are you looking for more information, resources, and connections? Under the Lymphedema Blog tab, you will find informative articles to help you better navigate the world of lymphedema. Under the Lymphedema Resource button, you will find connections to fabulous products and people serving the lymphedema community. New to our Resource Page is Vanessa Hemingway with her Vital Lymph program. She is a holistic occupational and lymphatic therapist specializing in healing the inflammation from cancer treatment, critical and chronic illness, and adrenal fatigue and grief.


Vanessa Hemingway has dedicated herself to empowering individuals affected by cancer and lymphedema to reclaim their vitality and well-being. With over two decades of experience as an occupational therapist and more than eighteen years as a certified lymphedema therapist, Vanessa guides post-surgery and cancer patients toward a life filled with freedom, comfort, and joy, replacing their pain, stiffness, and limitations. A true expert in her field, Vanessa’s remarkable success in accelerating her clients’ healing journeys stems from her profound knowledge of the lymphatic system and its incredible potential for rejuvenation. 

Vanessa offers online support and in-person healing in Santa Cruz, California. She provides coaching, consultations, and treatments for lymphedema and the cancer journey. 


A Solutions call is an excellent place to start! In this introductory 30-minute session, we will assess your biggest healing challenge together and lay out a plan for you to shift and solve that issue. You will leave this call with at least one strategy you can implement immediately to feel better. If it’s fit to do more work together, I will let you know what that would look like. And if there’s someone else I can recommend that would be a better fit, I will get you that referral.


Vanessa Vital Lymph Program is a customized 6-month program that allows you to commit more to your health. This program has weekly support to live in flow, reduce inflammation, and change how you live and love. It has both a virtual and in-person component that can accommodate you where you live. 

This program will give you everything you need to reduce swelling and pain, restore energy, and reclaim vital well-being in your body and life. You’ll experience body-based techniques like lymphatic drainage massage, scar release, antifibrotic massage, and somatic explorations to facilitate flow and healing along your unique lymphatic pathways. We’ll cover simple and nourishing step-by-step practices to promote lymphatic health in your daily life and customized precautions and best practices for your health and recovery. 

  • In month one, you will begin to detoxify and flush your superficial lymphatic system.
  • You will establish new habits and symptoms-reduction during months two and three. 
  • So that in the third, fourth, and fifth months, as you start to feel better and have less anxiety and swelling, we will modify and upgrade your goals. 
  • Finally, we can address any lingering issues in the fifth and sixth months of Vital Lymph. 
  • Read more about the program.


Vanessa offers a Vital Lymph Bodywork visit. This visit includes a 70-minute vital lymph manual lymphatic drainage, scar mobilization, cold laser, antifibrotic techniques, cupping, myofascial release, and somatic explorations tailored to your recovery needs. However, if you are not in her area, she also offers a 40-minute Vital Lymph personalized coaching. This session aims to educate and empower you to achieve physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Services include tailored solutions to get and keep your lymphatic river flowing and customized support along the healing journey so you can consciously and intentionally live the life you love.


Vanessa offers much wisdom and insight into the ebb and flow of your lymphatic system. If any of these offerings interest you or would like to learn more, check out her website, Vital LYMPH. You can also find Vanessa on Facebook and Instagram.

Disclaimer – This blog is for general information purposes only. Furthermore, the information in this blog is not a substitute for medical advice. Please consult a licensed healthcare professional for advice on your specific condition.

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