managing lymphedemaMANAGING LYMPHEDEMA

One of the significant components of managing lymphedema is compression therapy. Short-stretch bandages are often used during the treatment phase. However, these bandages can be challenging to apply and use. CircAid has devised an alternative method that might be the solution for some.


Lymphedema is swelling when excessive lymph fluid accumulates in the tissue just under the skin. The standard management for lymphedema consists of manual lymphatic drainage, skin care, exercise therapy, inelastic compression bandaging, and, eventually, compression garment for maintenance.

The frequency and duration of care is dependent on patients’ individual needs. Care can range from two to three visits per week for six weeks or more, depending on the severity of lymphedema. Insurance coverage and the ability of the patient to get to the clinic can also play a role.

Compression bandaging, although effective in reducing edema, does have its drawbacks. The application of the bandages is time-consuming and requires skill. Furthermore, this strategy doesn’t promote self-care because patients cannot effectively bandage themselves. Lastly, wearing bandages can negatively impact a person’s quality of life. Applications can be uncomfortable. Hygiene can also be problematic, resulting in low compliance.


Realizing some of the issues patients and therapists had with compression bandaging, CircAid created a new way to achieve these results. They invented the Circaid Reduction Kit. The kit consists of a one-size-fits-all, adjustable compression component. This component is cut and fits the patient on-site. This creates a custom fit for the patient.

The garment is made of a patented, breathable material. This material has just enough elasticity to follow the contour of the limb, which maximizes comfort and reduces slippage. Each garment comprises offset bands wrapped around the limb and fastened with velcro closures. This allows for quick and easy application and removal and adjustment of the product. The patient can easily don and doff this garment, significantly improving results. This fast, simple, and therapeutic application of the reduction kit gives the patient a comfortable, clean, and effective way to control edema in the clinic and at home.

Medi Reduction KitCASE STUDY

In the initial case study of the reduction kit, 79% of the patients stated they would continue to use the product to help maintain their condition. Seventy percent described the reduction kit as excellent. By the end of the trial, clinicians’ view of the reduction kit improved from the initial evaluation, with 85% rating it as “excellent.” Finally, 67% of clinicians gave the reduction kit an excellent rating for its ability to control edema and improve the patient’s skin.


The CircAid Reduction Kit is a high-quality, effective option for managing lymphedema. Consult with your physical therapist to see if it may fit you and your needs.

Disclaimer – This blog is for general information purposes only. Furthermore, the information contained in this blog is not a substitute for medical advice. Always consult a licensed healthcare professional for advice on your specific condition.



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