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Reclaim vital health with Vital lymphI am a holistic occupational and lymphatic therapist specializing in healing the inflammation resulting from cancer treatment, critical and chronic illness, and adrenal fatigue and grief. Unblocking the river of lymphatic flow has far-reaching effects for the whole being, and my work centers around profound, effective, pleasurable, and customized practices that reduce pain and inflammation, returning a body home.

Based in Santa Cruz, California, my offerings include both in-person and online support and

    • Coaching, consultation, and treatment for lymphedema
    • Cancer journey coaching, consultation, and treatment
    • Coaching, consultation, and treatment for inflammation and swelling after surgery and during/after pregnancy
    • Health and wellness coaching, consultation, and treatment

My customized 6-month Vital Lymph program is an opportunity to commit more to your health and well-being. With weekly support to keep you accountable as your inflammation reduces, your pain melts away, and your self-nourishing habits change how you live and love. You’ll reduce your risk for recurrent illness and find comfort in your body and life again. Vital Lymph has a virtual and in-person component that can accommodate you wherever you are.


After developing post-surgical swelling and inflammation, I was fearful that my life activities would be limited and that my condition was out of my control and would just continue to get worse. Vanessa changed all that and has put me on a very positive and motivated track. Being her client has truly been life-changing for me.
–Judith C.

Vanessa has decades of lymphatic system expertise, a fact that reveals itself in every session. She is like a conductor creating a unique symphony for each appointment based on my unique conditions that day. She also concerns herself with her clients’ minds and hearts. Vanessa helped me to feel comfortable in my own skin again. She helped my spouse do a 180-degree turn, from his literally hands-off approach to my condition and care, to learning to take part in my regular home lymphatic massage.
–Jessica G.

Vanessa’s lymphatic therapy has been amazing. It’s been life-changing, both physically and emotionally, for my recovery.
–Silvia G.

I cannot recommend Vanessa highly enough. Her expert knowledge and customized approach truly made a difference. If you’re struggling with lymphatic issues, I highly suggest visiting her.
–Jessica B.

Vital Lymph

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