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Fast’N Go Hybrid Bandaging System is designed to provide patients with a simple and comfortable solution for self-bandaging, particularly for upper limb lymphedema, where only one hand is available. The patented fastening system utilizes a soft material band with hooks and loops that only grip each other when stretched, making application and removal effortless and gentle on the patient.

One of the essential advantages of the Fast’N Go Hybrid Bandaging System is its faster application. Patients can save time and effort with only one bandage to be applied. To ensure safer and more reproducible compression, the stretchability of the bandage is limited mechanically. This provides consistent pressure and reduces the risk of overstretching or applying inadequate compression. Fast’N Go Hybrid Bandaging System is washable and reusable regarding convenience and hygiene.

Fast’n Go Hybrid Bandaging System is an effective way for self-bandaging at home. Our innovative design simplifies the process, ensuring a comfortable experience while promoting proper healing and recovery.


“Fast n go bandages are softer, more comfortable, less bulky, and easier to use and rewrap in less time. They’re a valuable addition to my daily routine, as I use them in combination with other compression tools. I simply adjust the tension and layering based on the activity they’re needed for. Definitely a huge positive step for the development of more effective and practical lymphedema management!”
– Juliana Conte
I can’t say enough good things about the Fast N’ Go bandages!!! They’ve made managing my lymphedema a lot easier because the material is so comfortable. I’m able to keep them on for 15+ hours, which I found difficult to do with traditional bandages. They’re effective & comfortable, both things I’ve always wanted in bandages & now I have them! 🙂
–Hardeep Kaur

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