Lymph Motion Mitt

Abby Malefort

About Me…

My name is Abby Maleport. I am a LANA-certified lymphedema therapist, licensed massage therapist in the state of WI, physical therapist Abby Malefortassistant and certified personal trainer. I started my career as a physical therapist assistant and that is where I became a CLT. After practicing in the medical field for eight years, I realized that I wanted to be able to help more people, so I returned to school for my massage license and opened my own business specializing in lymphatic drainage massage. I treat a wide variety of clientele including patients with lymphedema, lipedema, cosmetic surgery recovery, surgical recovery and just the regular person looking for the benefits of stimulating the lymphatic system.

After years of trying to teach my patients/clients self-manual lymphatic drainage, I realized that this was very challenging. Very often folks would get the technique wrong. My clients always ask me about dry brushing. I truly don’t feel dry brushing is the best option for lymphatic stimulation. Therefore, I decided one evening while trying to fall asleep that I was going to create a product that made self MLD easier and more effective for the world! I spent one and a half years in the process and have now launched the Lymph Motion Mitt and instructional video library. I am thrilled and excited to be able to share this product with anyone who desires the vast benefits of manual lymphatic drainage!


“Abby was very knowledgeable and shared her knowledge so I knew what to expect my first time. I immediately could breathe clearly through my nose after. My whole body felt relieved and relaxed afterward. Definitely recommend for
anyone who suffers with congestion, allergies, inflammation! Thanks Abby.”

“I went in to get a lymphatic massage. I was really tired after having a child and nursing so I thought flushing out the toxins would help. Feeling amazing two weeks past the massage and I have a lot of energy, really credit it to the massage. Thanks Abby!”

“Thank you for taking such good care of me. Your attention to my medical issues was very comforting to me. I always feel you are concerned about helping me get well!”

Imagine if you had a tool that allowed you to get all these great benefits at home! Using the LYMPH MOTION MITT, which teaches a basic lymphatic drainage technique, you just might have the answer you’re looking for.

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