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Balance with Babz Logo“Babz” is an occupational therapist, lymphedema therapist, certified yoga teacher, certified in yoga4cancer, LoveYourBrain, Yoga for Trauma training, and reiki attuned. Babz is a certified lymphedema therapist (LANA certified) specializing in cancer rehab and the lymphatic system and works in an orthopedic setting for upper extremity impairments. Babz integrates her clinical techniques into her yoga practice. Babz has studied the effects of yoga and mindfulness on multiple populations. She is passionate and eager to introduce her wellness programs to help teach and support specialized populations. Babz teaches lymphatic flow yoga wellness programs virtually.

  • Monday Night Drop-in Class
  • Lymph Flow Yoga Program (Floor)
  • Lymph Flow Yoga Program (Chair)
  • October Living with Lymphedema? Lipedema

My mission is to create an accessible yoga and wellness space to support individuals and groups to promote self-discovered healing and balance in our lives.

lymphatic flow yoga


Babz is so kind and caring. She puts a lot of time into providing so many resources for us and always responds carefully to any questions we have. She’s very knowledgeable, and we had an extra session this time with a nutritionist. Babz goes above and beyond.

Babz is an amazing young woman. She is passionate about yoga, healing, and lymphedema. She has a positive attitude and is very supportive. I always felt comfortable with her. Babz knows her subject and shares it with enthusiasm. I would recommend her highly.

Living with a chronic health condition, such as lymphedema, has been difficult and discouraging. Balance with Babz is a mind-body wellness resource that has enabled me to implement and sustain a personal self-care lifestyle. Balance with Babz has provided me with the insight, skills, individualized support, and motivation to implement a yoga and MLD practice. It has been life-changing.


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