21 Day Wellness Challenge

About the Challenge…

Ninjas Fighting Lymphedema Foundation is launching the 21 Day Wellness Challenge! This challenge will help lymphedema thrivers shift their perspective on lymphatic health as it focuses on lymphedema, self-perception, and building relationships within their communities. The
challenge is about accepting where we are in our journey and using this opportunity to build ourselves anew through education, advocacy, and motivation. The 21 Day Wellness Challenge will bridge that gap between the lymphatic community and the outside world. Everyone has a lymphatic system (for the most part), and the world needs to understand the dangers of a malfunctioning lymphatic system. THIS CHALLENGE IS FOR EVERYONE, not just lymphedema thrivers. The goal is to encourage engagement and boost overall well-being by fostering a friendly competition while encouraging yourself and your community to build healthier lifestyle habits.

So what does this challenge consist of?

  • Each Ninja starts with a white belt; they will move up in the belt colors as they complete each challenge. Once they receive a black belt, we will then offer a Chapter Chair position if they choose to take the next step in advocating.
  • They will receive a custom box filled with tools and goodies that will keep them on track during each challenge.
  • Live cooking lessons, fitness programs, journaling, guest speakers, and much more in the private FB group.


“I am so grateful that I had a friend introduce me to Amy, the founder of NFLF!!!! I have learned so much from Amy & she is such an  inspiration to myself among others. NFLF has helped me out & I am so thankful. This is a great foundation. Highly recommend. :)”
– ssgjmg

“This is an incredible foundation with a great purpose. The founder has a huge heart for the patients affected by Lymphedema, and understands first hand what the patient struggles can be like. This is a wonderful foundation to work with, and is providing hope to many!!”
– Tracy B.


To learn more please visit www.kilterrewards.com/events/21-day-wellness-challenge