Information on Lymphedema

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Information on Lymphedema by The Compression Closet

Understanding Lymphatic Vessel Remodeling to Alleviate Secondary Lymphedema

lymphatic systemFascinating New Studies

I am constantly researching the lymph system, lymphedema, and how to serve the community better. I came across this fascinating information about remodeling lymph vessels as a way to combat secondary lymphedema and thought it might be of interest to you as well. Secondary lymphedema, a chronic condition often resulting from cancer treatments, can be challenging. However, the recent advancements in understanding lymphatic vessel remodeling have brought new hope and optimism for alleviating this debilitating condition. Here is a summary of the exciting mechanisms and potential therapeutic approaches that will inspire and uplift those affected by secondary lymphedema. Continue reading

What’s a Fuzzy Wale and How Can It Help With My Swelling?


In the context of Edema Wear, a Fuzzy Wale refers to the fuzzy part of knitted corduroy cloth. Edema Wear utilizes these Fuzzy Wales, connected by Lycra spandex elastic yarn. This unique construction creates a compression stockinette that compresses just 20% of the skin surface. The non-compressed skin between the wales allows fluid to evaporate and heat to radiate from 80% of the skin surface. Additionally, the non-compressed subcutaneous fat between the wales aids in opening veins and lymphatics to return edema fluid to the heart.

EdemaWear is engineered to move fluid through the perforating vessels to the deep limb muscle veins and lymphatics. Fluid moves into the veins and lymphatics accompanying the arteries supplying the skin. These vessels pass through the fascia of the muscles. Skin gets its blood from and returns venous blood and lymphatic fluid from the adjacent muscle. Thus reducing swelling in that area. Continue reading

Revolutionary Compression Garments to Reduce Swelling

Guest PostRevolutionary Compression Garments to Reduce Swelling

This week, we’re excited to partner with Sue Callison to learn about some revolutionary compression garments that reduce swelling. These Active Wear Garments incorporate a textured fabric, which is truly revolutionary.  Sue will explain the difference between Active Massage and Classic Medical Compression. She is the founder of Solidea U.S. and a breast cancer survivor who developed lymphedema from her treatments. Additionally, Sue has a wealth of knowledge about compression garments and the lymphedema condition. I hope you enjoy this guest blog post about these revolutionary compression garments to reduce swelling. Continue reading

“Lipedema Awareness Month: Empowering Lives”


June is lipedema awareness month. Mayo Clinic first reported this disease in 1940, but the condition remains largely misunderstood and underdiagnosed, highlighting the need for greater awareness and support. Chances are, you’ve encountered someone with lipedema, or perhaps you’re personally familiar with this condition. Lipedema, a chronic condition that leads to fat accumulation, is a reality for many women. It primarily affects the lower part of the body but can also occur in the upper arms. Unfortunately, it is often mistaken for obesity and misdiagnosed. Women with lipedema may also suffer from easy bruising, sensitivity to touch, and pain. Commonly, there will be a disproportionate distribution of fat with a more petite upper body and a larger lower body. Continue reading

Managing Lymphedema with Ease: A Guide to Sigvaris Chipsleeves

Sigvaris Chipsleeve Full LegSIGVARIS CHIPSLEEVES

Today, I’d like to highlight the Sigvaris Chipsleeves, a comforting and easy-to-use tool for those dealing with chronic lymphedema. Use these sleeves as a bandage liner, making bandaging quick, easy, and effective, or as a nighttime garment. These beautiful garments are a reassuring addition to your toolbox, especially during a flare-up with your lymphedema. They provide:

  • Continual compression therapy for your arm or leg.
  • Gently move lymph while you sleep or rest.
  • Ensuring you feel at ease and comfortable.

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Lymphedema & Your Work Environment

Challenges of LymphedemaWork and Lymphedema

Working with lymphedema can have its own challenges. Some work environments are not lymphedema-friendly and can hinder one’s ability to work. Limited mobility, time-consuming therapy regimens, pain, and psychological stress can all affect job performance. Work can also negatively affect one’s lymphedema, especially if it involves heavy lifting, repetitive movement, or sitting or standing for long periods. Continue reading

Navigating the Complexities of Secondary Lymphedema

Strategies for Management and Care of Secondary LymphedemaUnderstanding lymphedema

Unlike its primary counterpart, secondary lymphedema arises as a complication from another condition or event that damages the lymphatic system. This damage can result from surgical procedures, radiation therapy, infection, or injury, leading to the disruptive flow of the lymphatic system and subsequent swelling, most commonly in the arms and legs. This condition is notably associated with cancer treatments, where lymph nodes are often removed or damaged, particularly in cases involving breast, gynecological, prostate, lymphatic, and skin cancers. Navigating the complexities of secondary lymphedema can be challenging. Continue reading

“Beat the Heat with Our Cool Compression Camisole – Find Out How!”

cool compression camisoleCOOL & COMFORTABLE COMPRESSION 

Warmer weather is coming, and everyone is looking for cooler, more comfortable compression solutions. Are you looking for excellent, comfortable compression for your upper body? Why not try the Wear Ease Slimmer Camisole? This garment provides good compression for your upper body and is a stylish, cool compression camisole. The Slimmer comes in various colors, making it fun to wear alone as a camisole or for elegant layering. Don’t just take our word for it; here’s what some of our satisfied customers say: “Absolutely love my black Slimmer. Love the idea that I can step into it. The fabric and fit are extraordinary… Thank you for great products. Look forward to adding more to my wardrobe.” – Lesa Continue reading

Understanding and Managing Primary Lymphedema

Primary LymphedemaUnderstanding Lymphedema

Primary lymphedema is a chronic and often misunderstood condition affecting the lymphatic system, an essential part of the body’s immune and circulatory systems. This condition leads to swelling (lymphedema) primarily in the arms and legs due to the improper functioning of the lymph vessels. Unlike secondary lymphedema, which results from damage to the lymphatic system (often due to surgery, radiation, or infection), primary lymphedema is typically a congenital condition, meaning individuals are born with it. However, symptoms may only present later in life, varying significantly from person to person. Understanding and managing primary lymphedema is essential for patients with this chronic condition.
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A Comfortable & Inexpensive Compression Solution

edema wear comfortable inexpensive compressionI CAN’T TOLERATE MY COMPRESSION STOCKINGS

Do you have patients who cannot tolerate compression stockings? Or perhaps you, yourself, cannot handle standard gradient compression stockings. Do the stockings make you feel claustrophobic or trapped? Or do you have skin that may be too sensitive to tolerate a standard compression stocking? Those compression stockings may be too hot and uncomfortable during summer. Perhaps your compression garment is driving you a bit crazy! Have you ever had this experience? Has your patient ever complained to you about their compression in this way? If so, I might have a comfortable and inexpensive compression solution for you and your patients. EdemaWear: a mild compression stockinette with a unique weave called “fuzzy wales” and compression levels ranging from 15-20 mmHg. Continue reading