Information on Lymphedema

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Information on Lymphedema by The Compression Closet

Understanding Lymphedema: Causes, Symptoms, & Treatment Options

Understanding lymphedemaAN OVERVIEW OF LYMPHEDEMA

Lymphedema is a chronic medical condition that affects thousands of people worldwide. However, many still do not understand this chronic disease or have even heard of lymphedema. It is most commonly associated with cancer and cancer treatments in this country, but other factors can also cause it. In this comprehensive overview about understanding lymphedema, let’s look into the causes, symptoms, and treatment options. Continue reading

Custom Service ~ Our Highest Priority


 There are many options for people to purchase their compression garments. Today, I wanted to share why you might choose The Compression Closet to buy your compression garments. A few years back, I was privileged to participate in an educational workshop by Lymphedema Seminars. This organization provides continuing education seminars for lymphedema therapists. One of the presenters, Karen Ashforth, a lymphedema therapist for several years, included me in her presentation. Karen shared with this group why she chose The Compression Closet for her patients and what set us apart from other companies. I want to share her thoughts with you as they might help you decide where to buy your compression garments.  Continue reading

Ovarian Cancer and Lymphedema: The Hidden Connection


When we think of ovarian cancer, we often focus on its devastating impact on a woman’s reproductive organs. However, there is a lesser-known aftermath that many survivors face: lymphedema. Lymphedema is a chronic condition that causes swelling in specific body parts due to a compromised lymphatic system. For ovarian cancer survivors, lymphedema typically affects their legs and pelvis. 

September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. Ovarian cancer ranks fifth in cancer deaths among women, accounting for more deaths than any other female reproductive system cancer. A woman’s risk of getting ovarian cancer during her lifetime is about 1 in 78. Ovarian cancer is often called a silent killer because its symptoms can be subtle or easily dismissed, leading to late-stage diagnosis and reduced chances of successful treatment. What are your risks?

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Guide to Compression Garments

LYMPHEDEMAlymphedema therapists

Lymphedema is a form of swelling that occurs when the lymphatic system cannot adequately drain fluid. Part of the standard treatment for lymphedema is to wear compression garments. Why would you need a guide to compression garments? Compression garments can vary significantly from compression classes to different fabrics to various shapes and sizes. Therefore, I’d like to provide some guidelines to help you decide which compression garment suits you.  Continue reading

Why Custom Flat-Knit for Lymphedema?

Custom Compression for lymphedema 2THE FLAT-KNIT OPTION

Lymphedema can be challenging, but wearing flat-knit custom stockings can be an effective solution. These custom garments are designed to provide compression and support, helping reduce swelling and improve overall comfort. Due to the short-stretch properties of the knitted fabric, flat knit compression combines several positive features. The low resting pressure makes donning and doffing more accessible, whereas the high working pressure ensures increased compression during active movement. Furthermore, flat-knit garments can bridge skin folds and have a higher containment level. 

Flat-knit compression products are primarily used during maintenance therapy. The benchmark for custom-made products flat-knit can provide individual solutions for those who need more than an over-the-counter compression garment. Additionally, the flat-knit process offers endless solutions for challenging compression needs. Compared to circular-knitted stockings, flat-knitted products have less elasticity but provide a stable barrier due to the fixed stitch size. Continue reading



The Compression Closet is excited to partner with Vanessa Hemingway this week as our guest blogger! Vanessa will share the benefits of dry brushing to improve lymphatic flow with us. She is a holistic occupational therapist and lymphatic specialist, owner and CEO of her company Vital Lymph. Her passion is guiding people on their healing journey out of inflammation and into a life of flow, whether their stories involve critical illness and recovery, adrenal fatigue, or grief. Vanessa has a private practice in California but also works with patients online, offering different healing programs and consultations. I hope you enjoy this week’s special guest blog post and that you gain inspiration and knowledge from this beautiful lady.
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eb and flow of lymphatic systemOUR AMAZING LYMPHATIC SYSTEM

The lymphatic system is an essential part of our immune system, which helps to protect the body from disease and infections. It is a network of vessels, organs, and tissues working together to move lymph fluid back into the bloodstream. The lymph system has several vital functions starting with maintaining fluid levels in our body by collecting excess fluid and returning them to the bloodstream. It absorbs fats from the digestive tract. It also protects the body against foreign invaders by producing white blood cells and other immune cells. Furthermore, it transports and removes waste products and abnormal cells from the lymph.

The lymphatic system is essential for healthy immune function and defense against possible harmful pathogens. It plays a significant role in removing waste and toxins from the body. With close to 700 lymph nodes spread throughout the body, it’s no wonder the lymph system has a powerful effect on our health. Continue reading


THERAPY WHILE YOU SLEEPPure Medical custom compression

Nighttime compression garments offer numerous benefits for individuals living with lymphedema. They can help reduce swelling, improve circulation, prevent fibrosis, enhance tissue elasticity, promote better sleep quality, and ultimately improve the overall quality of life. Are you reaping these benefits? Would you like to learn more about compression use at night? Let’s first talk about garments that should not be worn while sleeping or lying down.  Continue reading



The benefits of deep diaphragmatic breathing or belly breathing a numerous. When maintaining optimal health, paying attention to all aspects of our body, including the lymphatic system, is essential. Diaphragmatic breathing is often overlooked but is a highly effective way to support the lymphatic system. Diaphragmatic or belly breathing activates the diaphragm muscle to promote various health benefits, including improved lymphatic flow. 

The largest lymphatic vessel in the human body is the thoracic duct. This vessel drains the lower extremities, pelvis, abdomen, left side of the thorax, left upper extremity, and left side of the head and neck. That’s about 75% of the lymph from the entire body. The right lymphatic duct drains the rest of the body, including the right upper limb, right breast, right lung, and right side of the head and neck. Continue reading



Some think the flat knit compression stocking is the best option for lymphedema compression. However, a study of Adjustable Compression Wrap (ACW) garments concluded that compression wraps for lymphedema were equal to custom-made flat-knit garments. Compression wrap garments proved advantageous in treating and maintaining complex decongestive therapy (CDT) for lymphedema. The compression wraps prove easier to don and doff. They also showed a continuation of reduction in the limb, whereas the flat knit stocking did not. Another advantage is the cost of ACW garments, which can be significantly less money than a flat knit garment. Although compression wraps may not be for everyone, they are worth considering. There are several compression wrap garments on the market today, so which wrap is the most suitable for you? Let’s take a look at some of the choices! Continue reading