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When I first got into this business of medical supplies, I did not know what lymphedema was. However, after hearing countless stories about swelling after cancer surgeries, I quickly learned about lymphedema. My heart went out to those who had conquered cancer only to be left with a chronic condition. Surprisingly most were as clueless as I was initially. Then to add insult to injury, the insurance company would not pay for the compression garments they needed to manage their lymphedema.


Consequently, I created The Compression Closet to help offset some of these costs and perhaps to

Therapist and man

help educate the public about lymphedema. I have worked hard to consistently deliver quality compression garments and excellent service at an affordable price. Working with lymphedema therapists and their patients to get the correct compression garments for lymphedema. I’m very proud of the business I have created and the friendships I have made. Therefore, I am working hard to develop solutions for this ever-changing economy and our challenges.


I am challenged in this environment and consistently face increasing product, fuel, and shipping costs. Despite my efforts to mitigate the impact of these continually rising costs, I must offset some of these moving forward to stay in business. Therefore, you may see some increase in pricing over the next few months.


Theresa Sonneville

I hope you understand that we are making this change reluctantly but have no alternatives given the realities of the current environment of constant cost increases. Therefore, the Compression Closet is looking into new vendors and options that may be more cost-effective. Furthermore, it will not affect all products, only those manufacturers who continue to raise their pricing and add additional fees.

I will do my best to work with you to ensure you can still receive your compression garments. Let me know if you need to work out a payment plan or other arrangements. I’m here to work with you and to find solutions ~ together, we can!


So again, I thank you for your continued business and support and for choosing The Compression Closet as your partner in compression therapy. I remain committed to delivering you and your patients quality compression garments for lymphedema. Just a side note: changing pricing is very labor intensive, so you may want to stock up before I can get this into place! 🙂

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