reflections on 2022LOOKING BACK ON 2022

WOW! Another year has come and gone. Looking back on 2022, I hope you can say it was good! I know for some, it has undoubtedly been a challenging one, full of uncertainty. It doesn’t seem like we are out of the woods yet from the effects of Covid. I am still dealing with supply shortages and back orders throughout the industry. However, it does seem to be getting better.


Covid has certainly shifted our world paradigm for the better. Worse? It may be too early to tell for sure. However, it has made me focus on what is most important in my life: family, loved ones, self-care, and mindfulness. As a result, I tend to focus less on external striving and more on internal growth – how about you? 

Being present and attentive to those I’m dealing with daily, whether a family member or a customer calling in to place an order. Slowing down and participating in mindful listening, not just trying to interject my two cents. Appreciate the people I get the privilege of interacting with instead of just being on auto-pilot. Making eye contact and being present instead of rushing off to complete the next item on my to-do list. Covid has helped me slow down, and I am grateful for that. 


Self-compassion is a new idea for me. How about you? One of the influencers I interviewed this year, Kathyrn Hack, introduced me to this idea. Her writing and words resonated with me on a deep level. I am very good at beating up on myself and recognizing all my shortcomings, but self-compassion? That was a new idea. Her story led me to “Fierce Self-Compassion,” a book by Kristen Neff, and “A Radical Awakening” by Dr. Shefali. These are excellent books, as I had if you want to learn more. It’s essential not to lose sight of yourself and to give yourself credit for your positive attributes and accomplishments, not just focus on what is missing. 


I also completed the 75 Hard Challenge this year, which I discussed in my Prioritizing Self-Care blog post. I preach self-care to everyone else, and I figured it was time to practice what I preached. I was able to complete the challenge; in fact, I just finished it a couple of weeks ago. I found it extremely difficult to put self-care first on my to-do list, which was challenging and frustrating at the time. However, it greatly impacted my life’s balance and quality. I am healthier and more productive now than I’ve ever been. The challenge now is to continue those good habits and not fall back into the old ones of everyone else before me and my health. 


When was the last time you truly marveled at something? When were you last curious and contemplative? Looking forward, I want to bring more wonder into my life. Looking around me with new eyes and fresh insight. Is this because I welcomed my first grandbaby into the world and have a second one on the way? Looking at the ultrasound of the new baby brought tears to my eyes. How can you look at something like that, no bigger than a strawberry, and not believe in miracles? There are awe-inspiring entities all around us. Taking the time to appreciate them brings increased life satisfaction, awe, and wonder. Looking back on 2022, I never want to take for granted the simple joys in life, like a smile, a hug, or a new baby.

looking back on 2022

Wishing you a very happy holiday season and a New Year filled with love, hope, joy, and excellent health. Blessings to you and yours! 

Theresa Sonneville

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