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Have you checked out our lymphedema resource page yet? We want our website to be more than just a place to purchase compression garments for lymphedema. Specifically, we are creating a go-to place for all things lymphedema, including garments and informational articles to resources for those dealing with lymph disorders.

Are you looking for more information, resources, and connections? Under the Lymphedema Blog tab, you will find informative articles to help you better navigate the world of lymphedema. Under the Lymphedema Resource button, you will find connections to some fabulous products and people serving the lymphedema Community. New to our Resource Page is Koya Dayspring Therapy. A unique and innovative way to receive therapy while remaining active.


Pneumatic compression pumps provide sequential pneumatic treatment for edema by mimicking the lymphatic system. These pumps move lymph fluid out of the affected area and into areas of the body where the lymph system is properly functioning. These pumps work by sending pressure to a specialized garment worn by the patient. Compression pumps have proven to be a very effective way to help treat lymphedema. However, treatment has been limited to the patient’s time hooked up to a stationary machine until now. Meet the first active dynamic compression system, Dayspring, by Koya Medical.


Dayspring therapy supports freedom of mobility during treatment. There are no wall plugs or cords to hold you back. One of the essential aspects of self-care for lymphedema is movement. This movement helps the lymphatic system function better. Flex-frame technology provides a mobile and comfortable design. Additionally, it offers an adjustable range of treatment pressures. The Dayspring pump is portable, versatile, and easy to use.

Dayspring Active Compression Pump is designed for those seeking more independence and autonomy in their lymphedema treatment and care. This pump provides personalized care with custom treatment options through a convenient interface with the Koya App. Furthermore, you can view your therapy history and access advanced treatment settings such as custom pressures. Again, there is a built-in safety system that prevents undesired backflow.

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The benefits of compression pumps for lymphedema are well documented. Would you like to learn more? Are you ready to take your treatment to the next level? Does mobility and freedom appeal to you? Let’s get you off of that couch and out the door! Visit our lymphedema Resource page to find the link and schedule a demonstration of how this innovative and dynamic compression pump can improve the quality of your care and your life.

Disclaimer – This blog is for general information purposes only. Furthermore, the information in this blog is not a substitute for medical advice – always consult a licensed healthcare professional for advice on your specific condition.

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