Juzo Compression Wrap Calf


Occasionally I am going to spotlight a product that I have found to be especially outstanding. Today I would like to introduce you to the Juzo Compression Wrap Calf. Manufactured with care to detail and the great quality that you have come to expect from Juzo, this compression wrap garment provides therapy, comfort, versatility and a superior fit. This Juzo wrap is a short stretch compression garment with high working pressure (30-60 mmHg), which helps to move lymphatic fluid out of the affected limb. Therefore this garment can be used in either the decongestion phase as well as the maintenance phase of lymphedema treatment.

Brianne Callahan DPT, PRPC, CTL-LANA, uses the Juzo Compression Wrap fairly often. Brianne says, “It has good LE (lower extremity) containment and you can move the Velcro as needed to better fit the limb as the edema reduces. I tend to use the Juzo Wrap for patients who have minimal edema and who may be working with a lower budget.”

The Juzo Compression Wrap Calf garment is also an excellent compression garment for those suffering with poor circulation. Its slip-on stretch panel and Velcro tabs make it much easier to don and doff than a traditional compression stocking. Furthermore, unlike a compression stocking it can be worn as a nighttime garment as well as a day time garment.

REMOVABLE VELCROjuzo compression wrap Velcro

The Velcro of this garment is removable and replaceable. (Velcro tabs can be purchased separately). This allows for easy adjustment of the garments straps as the lymph fluid moves out of the affected limb causing possible fluctuation in size. Because the Velcro is removable, it also allows for the cutting down of straps when necessary as reduction occurs.


Juzo’s uniquely designed notches and minimal overlying of straps helps to prevent gapping and bulk. This also gives the Juzo Compression Wrap garment a very low profile fitting under most clothing easily.

Juzo Compression Wrap Slip on shellSLIP-ON STRETCH PANEL

Juzo has redesigned this compression wrap garment with a slip-on stretch panel to secure the garment for easy donning and doffing. However, if you have difficulty bending down to slip the garment over your foot, you can still get this Juzo garment without the stretch panel.

This is also a reversible compression garment giving you the choice of either a beige or a black wrap garment in one.  Not only that – but by being reversible you have new fabric to attach the Velcro to. Those who have used Velcro wrap garments before know that it’s not just the Velcro that wears out, but the fabric it attaches to, as well. This can give you nearly twice the life that you would get out of a comparable compression wrap garment.


The Juzo Compression Wrap garment comes with a pair of Full Foot liners. These liners give you compression for the foot and ankle, while the rest of the stocking serves as a liner under the wrap garment. Also available is a pair of open toed anklets with a separate stockinette liner.


Still another advantage of the Juzo Compression Wrap for lower legs is the sizing. It comes in a Regular and Long length for a more exact fit, as well as a Max sizing for the calf. This accommodates for a larger calf with a smaller ankle. Extender straps are also available to accommodate for additional sizing.


Care and maintenance of your Juzo Compression Wrap Calf is simple and easy. First you will want to remove all the half circle Velcro from the straps. Then you can machine wash in warm water. It is strongly recommended that you use a garment bag. Tumble dry on a low heat setting. Do not use bleach, chlorine, fabric softeners or other laundry additives.

VERSATILE GOOD QUALITY COMPRESSIONJuzo Compression Wap full foot stocking

Compression Velcro Wrap garments have been around for awhile. Juzo continues to make improvements on this product. With the ease of donning, a large range of sizing and the versatility of a reversible garment, Juzo’s Compression Wrap Calf garment is definitely a winner.

Barbara Sinclair is a recent recipient of the Juzo Wrap Compression Garment. Barb says, “ After being diagnosed with lymphedema several years ago, I started using compression stockings. I tried all types and styles and lengths. Using those types of compression garments were uncomfortable, hot and never fit correctly. Then I was introduced to Juzo garments and my life with compression has changed. The garments are comfortable [and] reversible with black and beige for fashion advantage. They are easily adjustable with Velcro bindings and easy to care for because of washable liners. Furthermore, the garments can be used all day as well as all night. Being the garments are comfortable, adjustable, fashionable and the cost is not prohibitive, they will be used daily as well as at night. This is what is necessary to live with lymphedema.”


Outer Shell – 88% Nylon, 12% Spandex

Inner Shell – 100% Neoprene

Slip-on Liner – 74% Polyamide, 26% Elastane.




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