Working with Lymphedema Therapists

When I created The Compression Closet several years ago, I naively thought I wouldn’t have to make too many adjustments once we completed the site. However, now I realize The Compression Closet is a living, breathing entity that continually needs my care and attention. In addition, the industry is constantly changing, with new product lines and innovations in fabrics and design. Furthermore, working with different therapists nationwide, I continually learn about other compression companies and garments that work well for lymphedema. Several therapists have asked me to add Medi stockings to my site. I am happy to oblige them as the lymphedema therapists I work with are partners in our wellness team. 

Mediven PlusThe Mediven Company

So, let me tell you a little about this company and what makes them one of our favorites. Mediven is committed to helping people worldwide live more independent, productive, and satisfying lives while managing their circulatory, lymphatic, and ambulatory issues. They take this position seriously as a global leader in medical compression by investing in research, education, and innovation. “I feel better” is a statement of their commitment to their customers, clinicians, and patients to deliver unparalleled service, educational support, and health outcomes in their clinical segments. Medi is committed to helping patients manage their challenges and enjoy life fully. 

I Feel Better PromiseMedi I feel better

The patient is central to the “I feel better” promise. The Medi team strives to develop technologically advanced products in each clinical area to deliver healthy outcomes and value. Their German roots ensure all products are made with precision, quality, and intelligence, making them easy to use, comfortable, and effective. In addition, you can trust that all Medi products are dispensed by trained technicians and backed by the industry’s best comfort-wearing guarantees and product warranties. Medi is committed to developing innovative solutions to help people feel better with comprehensive therapy solutions. 

MedivenIntroducing Mediven Plus

Therefore we have decided to introduce two new lines of stockings from Medi. First, we are adding the Mediven Plus line of knee-high socks. We also plan on adding the thigh-high stockings at a later date. The Mediven Plus is an opaque stocking that is strong and durable for superior support and containment for swelling. The selected socks will all come with a silicone band at the top to prevent slipping and discomfort. Clima-Comfort provides unmatched softness and breathability, keeping legs cool and comfortable. In addition, the Clima-Fresh technology keeps stockings odor-free. This stocking combines elastic and inelastic properties for serious edema containment. Finally, the Acu-Knit technology delivers all-day therapy for ease of application and a custom-fit feeling. 

Mediven Comfort VitalityMediven Vitality

The second stocking we would like to introduce is the Mediven Comfort Vitality. The Vitality is my favorite compression stocking. It is more of a travel sock and will not contain as well as some more robust stockings. However, this is the one if you are looking for an excellent mild compression stocking. Vitality features a fashionable Herringbone pattern for both men and women. Thanks to a seamless silicone top band called MediGrip, your stockings will stay in place all day. This stocking also has the Clima Fresh to keep socks odor-free and the Clima Comfort blended with Lanolin to keep legs comfortable and dry.  

Special Introductory Offer

To help introduce this new product, we have elected to run a special introductory offer for the remainder of this month. When you purchase any Mediven socks, we will add a pair of donning gloves to your order. My number one go-to donning device to help get those compression stockings on. When you buy two or more Mediven socks, we will send you a Medi compliance kit, which includes donning gloves, soap, and a laundry bag to better care for your compression stockings. The donning gloves come in different sizes, so indicate your glove size in the comment box when checking out. Medi compliance kit

Disclaimer – This blog is for general information purposes only. Furthermore, the information in this blog is not a substitute for medical advice – always consult a licensed healthcare professional for advice on your specific condition.


    • Hi Deborah! I do not have this item up on my website yet, but if you would like to order it I can certainly make it available to you. Simply call and we will place the order over the phone. 815 342 0370! Thank you! Theresa

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