Information on Lymphedema

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Lymphedema and Self Care



“Cancer is something you can get over; lymphedema is with you for the rest of your life!” This is something I would hear often when I worked with cancer patients at a durable medical supply store. There is an attitude and a hopelessness that sometimes goes along with lymphedema. However, there are ways to combat this feeling and this attitude. Don’t allow lymphedema to define you and your life. Get back up, keep going – for you are stronger than you know! Lymphedema does benefit from self care. Continue reading

Benefits of Nighttime Compression Garments

benefits of nighttime compression garmentsDON’T LOSE SLEEP OVER LYMPHEDEMA

Are you reaping the benefits of nighttime compression garments? Are you familiar with them and do you know how effective they can be in the management of lymphedema? Don’t lose sleep over lymphedema, treat your lymphedema while you sleep. Continue reading

Caring For Your Compression Stockings


Gradient compression stockings are expensive – and to get the best, most effective use out of them it is important to care for them properly. Caring for your compression stockings by wearing donning gloves is one of the first things you can do to protect your investment

These gloves not only help you get your compression stockings on and off, but they also help protect the stockings from jewelry and sharp fingernails. Continue reading

NO Fear Return Policy!


Are you hesitant to order online? I am, especially with items I have to wear. There was a time, a long time ago, when I could purchase a certain size and know that it was pretty much going to fit, with very little difficulty. But times have changed and so has my body, many parts have migrated south. I also think that standardization of sizing is a thing of the past. So yes, buying clothing or anything that I have to wear on the internet, without trying it on first – can be scary!! Fortunately, here at The Compression Closet, we have a no fear return policy. Continue reading



Can exercise benefit lymphedema? We know through research that  exercise helps move lymphatic fluid through our lymph system. Exercise and lymphedemaWhen we move our body, we move our lymph! The lymph system is designed to work with your muscles and your circulatory system to remove waste and clean your bodies systems. Therefore, when you move those muscles, you’re enabling your lymph system to function at a higher level. Even simple actions like rocking your foot back and forth can help improve lymphatic flow. Do you enjoy rocking in a rocking chair or taking a stroll through the park? Even simple movement moves lymph. So yes, exercise does benefit those dealing with lymphedema. Continue reading

Are You Wearing The Right Compression Stockings?

Am I wearing the correct compression stockings?NO FEDERAL GUIDELINES

Did you know that there is no governmental guidelines for compression stockings! Anyone can put the word “compression” on a pair of stockings? It is extremely important that you are buying your compression stockings from a reputable company and a reputable brand. Purchasing the wrong compression garments can create more problems than they ever solve. Continue reading

Will Insurance Cover My Compression Garments?

Will my Insurance pay for my compression garments


Will my insurance company cover my compression garments? Will Medicare cover my compression garments? Sometimes yes, but more often they will not. If they do pay, the real question is, how much will they pay? It’s all part of the medical insurance game. The other day I needed to purchase a prescription drug. I was shocked when they told me the price was over $600. When I explained to them I did not have insurance to cover this drug, they said, “Oh, then we can give you a discount, it will now be only $60.” How can that be? How can a drug price drop that drastically? Continue reading

The Emotional Toll of Lymphedema

Dealing With A Chronic Disease

I heard the other day that dealing with a chronic illness, like lymphedema, is similar to dealing with a great loss. Whether you are a therapist or a person dealing with lymphedema it’s important to recognize the emotional toll this disease can take. It is a loss! The loss of a way of life that was known and now has to be adjusted and adapted to deal with this chronic disease. Recognizing the stages of grief can better help you deal with a chronic illness like lymphedema. Continue reading

Sheltering In Place With Lymphedema

Sheltering At Home With Lymphedema

Compression Garments and Lymphedema

Are you wearing your lymphedema compression garments? I hope so, even if no one’s watching, even if you are stuck in the house for days and days during the COVID-19 pandemic, which has caused many states to adopt shelter in place mandates. We all can get lazy not going out of the house for days at a time. We may stay in our pj’s all day, not put on makeup or style our hair, but we should not become lazy about our compression garments and the care of our lymphedema. I think all of us want to stay away from the hospital at this time, so we don’t need any flare ups of Cellulitis or open wounds. Continue reading