Primary Lymphedema

Primary lymphedema HardeepBORN WITH LYMPHEDEMA

March is Lymphedema Awareness Month! So let’s bring a bit more awareness to this chronic and progressive disease. I’d like to introduce you to Hardeep. She has primary lymphedema, which means she was born with a lymph system that was compromised in some way. Hardeep was six months old when she was diagnosed with primary lymphedema in her arm and hand. Lucky for Hardeep, she was diagnosed fairly quickly and began her treatments right away. The earlier lymphedema is diagnosed, the easier it is to manage.


As a child, her treatment included using a lymphedema compression pump and wearing compression garments on her handPrimary lymphedema Hardeep and arm. Over the years, her routine has stayed pretty much the same with the exception of using the pump more often. She has also tried to introduce bandaging into her routine but finds it challenging to be consistent.

“I had a difficult time dealing with lymphedema as a young child, into my teens and well into adulthood,” Hardeep says. Each phase of life seemed to present new challenges for living with lymphedema. Although each phase held its own challenges, she has come to an acceptance of her disease. Hardeep is now determined to live her life regardless of the obstacles she faces.

She is also looking into the possibility of surgery for her primary lymphedema. She has only seen one surgeon at this time, who told her she was not a good candidate for surgery. However, she is not giving up and continuing her journey in hopes of finding a surgeon who can help.


Primary lymphedema Hardeep“I have really enjoyed connecting with other lymphies through instagram. It has had such a positive impact on me.” The greatest benefit is that she feels she is not alone any longer. Hardeep feels understood and that has built up her self confidence. She has found great value in the lymphedema community.

Hardeep has such an uplifting and positive attitude. Despite all her obstacles, Hardeep focuses on all there is for her to be grateful for. When she starts to feel down, she reminds herself of just how lucky she is. The one thing she has done to help make her life easier dealing with lymphedema is to have a routine and to stick with it. Despite all her challenges, Hardeep always tries to see the glass half full.

To learn more and follow Hardeep on Instagram, check out her profile @hardeep_k. She has a lovely page full of inspiration and support.

Reach out ~ You are not alone!Primary lymphedema Hardeep



Disclaimer – This blog is for general information purposes only. Furthermore, information contained in this blog is not a substitute for medical advice – always consult a licensed healthcare professional for advice on your specific condition.



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  • Cheryl Van Dyke says:

    It was nice to know that other people have this
    I have this in both legs and feet. Any suggestions what to do would be appreciated. I wear compression socks and use compression boots. I had gotten this under control but now as come back.

    • Thank you for posting Cheryl! Hopefully we will get some comments from others who have experience in dealing with this and can give you some tricks and tips.

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