EdemaWear A Comfortable Solution


Do you have patients who cannot tolerate compression stockings? Possibly, they feel claustrophobic or trapped in their compression? Their skin may just be too sensitive, therefore the compression garment drives them a bit crazy. Have you ever had this experience? Has your patient ever complained to you about their compression in this way? If so, I just might have a comfortable solution for you and your patients, EdemaWear: a mild compression stockinette with a special weave and levels of compression ranging from 15-20 mmHg.


EdemaWear is a comfortable solution to swelling. It is a soft, safe and effective treatment for edema of all types, including lymphedema. This product uses an innovative compression system with fuzzy wales, unlike any other traditional compression. EdemaWear utilizes technology developed at the University of Nebraska Medical Center. They call this technology “fuzzy wales,” which are designed to move fluid out of subcutaneous fat and to heal venous leg ulcers.

FUZZY WALESEdemaWear Compression Garments

Composed of fuzzy longitudinal wales ( a wale is the fuzzy part of knitted corduroy cloth). These wales are connected by Lycra spandex elastic yarn. As a result, the “fuzzy wales” create a unique compression stockinette that compresses just 20% of the skin surface. The non-compressed skin between the wales allows fluid to evaporate and heat to radiate from 80% of the skin surface. The non-compressed subcutaneous fat between wales helps open veins and lymphatics to return edema fluid to the heart.

The fluid moves into the veins and lymphatics that accompany the arteries that supply the skin. These vessels pass through the fascia of the muscles. Skin gets its blood from and returns venous blood and lymphatic fluid from the adjacent muscle. EdemaWear is engineered to move fluid through the perforating vessels to the deep limb muscle veins and lymphatic.


  • Easy to don and doff
  • Cool in hot weather, because of the spaces between the fuzzy wales allowing for perspiration to evaporate
  • Affordable
  • Latex free
  • Higher compliance by patients because it is comfortable to wear
  • Enhances lymphatic function leading to a decreased inflammatory sensation at the skin level
  • Reduces swelling

EdemaWear Compression GarmentsUSING EDEMAWEAR

Cut EdemaWear to length as needed, for it will not unravel. Furthermore, you can roll EdemaWear down on top of itself to create a double layer. This can help to hold the garment in place, therefore preventing the garment from slipping. Wear socks over the EdemaWear to keep in direct contact with the skin. This product not only can be used for swelling of all kinds, but also for venous insufficiency, lymphedema and protecting at risk skin from bruising and shear injury.


Hand wash in cold water and hang to dry. Remove blood stains with hydrogen peroxide. The approximate life of EdemaWear, if worn daily, is between 4-6 months. Remove daily for bathing and repositioning.

FABRIC CONTENT: Medical grade Lycra, Spandex and Nylon. Latex free.


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